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Hey yo,

I'm a graduate student in Portland, OR USA. A friend of mine turned me on to OTTD, I play it like it's a drug. It has become detrimental to my grades at school, and I love it. I'm also interested in real trains and hoping and waiting for trains to become an accepted mode of passenger transport in the US. I think it will be a while before Highspeed trains come to the USA, people here love planes and interstate highways too much.

I'm working on building my first network according to a loose interpretation of the rules. I'll post some pictures of my first BBH and SLH soon. They're pretty nasty, but I'm working on understanding the basics. It's clear to me that the #openttdcoop style of line hierarchy is superior. Playing solo in the #openttdcoop style earns my company more money than any other method I've tried. First public server appearance May 4, 2009.

Happy to be here. Look forward to working with all of you.


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