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Vital Stats

Born: 17-04-1979

Home: Washington, Indiana USA

Email: Spectre100 (at) charter (dot) net

Homepage: none really, but you can find me on myspace.

Specialties: Nothing really, i've been playing around and am looking for somewhere to grow.

Prefers: Conversion Stations(factories, Oil Refineries, Sawmill) and Candyland, gimme dat eye cancer!

Dislikes: not being able to finish a station before i must leave, not finding my stupid mistakes, not STARTING THE GAME editing in electrified rail.

Ways I'd improve the game, if i could code: Weather effects, not a biggie, so i'm not requesting a feature addition, but it'd be interesting to see station production decrease from rain (or snow) and increase on clear days. Also, if you clone a shared orders train, i would make it clone the shared orders as well, by default. (in b4 'hold ctrl')


I've been playing OpenTTD for about 2 months, and find it fascinating! A few days ago, i tripped on the ttdcoop Wiki for info and I CONSUMED all the information i could find. I can put it no better. Consumption is the closest i could possibly get to describing how much and how quickly i absorbed the info. Of course, that doesn't make me a pro or anything, but i can add a little flavor to my playstyle now, from it.

I've become a regular Lurker in the IRC channel, and can be contacted thru there. Nickname, of course, is Spectre100, or Specaway if i'm gone. If i AM gone, it's usually for work, but i don't spend EVERY second on here, so that's no guarantee for anything.

Hope to see ya on the public.

Hope to make membership.

Hope to win the lottery...


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