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Born: 1983

Home: Praha (Prague), Czech Republic cz.gif

Email: just PM me here or ingame

Playing TT since it came out, dunno when it was, but it definatelly was floppy time :)

OpenTTDcoop: I used to play a bit probably on spring 2006, dunno exactly tho. Then I got missing for almost a year until autumn 2007. My first map I saw (and got stunned by) was long and narrow TL2 maglev, maybe this will help, dunno :) It was really large.

Prefers: Passanger destinations! (doh...), tweaking crowded network - thats why I like crude and random network layouts as there is plenty to fix :), but of course there is no such word as impossible for me! :-)

I also like eycandies and all those creative "fun" things :) What would you do with billions of € anyway :) Please, do not destroy them, they give special flavour to the game :)

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