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born: May 5th 1994

Home: Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Started playing TTD: never OTTD: 2007

Joined Openttdcoop: PSG 120

Prefers: Huge fast Railways where trains don't lose speed, PAX concept games where trains go to every other station

Dislikes: Small, ineffcient networks with way too many bends

Best at: Improving existing stations and junctions. Also is adept at building realistic stations with PBS

Worst at: building large important junctions from scratch.

Hobbies/Intrests: Music is my life literally, i play the trumpet at semi profesional level and am extremely intrested in music (especially 20th classical music), I also enjoy reading alot of fiction.

Other OpenTTD stuff: Clanmega host a few competative servers on stable versions of OTTD ussing real world maps. We are recently working on a Gaming Week ussing a 2048x2048 map of the Netherlands we are also hopefully ussing a patch made by Yorick which combines 55 player patch with Tracksharing it'd be nice if some of the OpenTTDcoop gang could play. Starts on Monday 15th and runs till Friday 19th (december) see for details.

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