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About Me

Born: 1985
Home: Skövde, Sweden se.gif
Email: mdgrein[at]mdnet[dot]se
Occupation: Run my own IT-company doing everything but mainly webdevelopment and networks...
Started playing TTD: 1995-1997 something... donno exactly...
Discovered #openttdcoop: December 2007
Promoted to "Usual Suspect": December 2007
Promoted to "Member": not yet :/
Strengths: Simplicity
Weaknesses: Alot of complexity in a small space
Prefers: Teamwork and problemsolving, planning and discussing issues...
Dislikes: Things that doesn't do their job well or stuff that won't work...
Other Gaming Interests: ID Softwares games, Blizzards games, NES, SNES
Image: andreas.jpg

Thanks Thraxian for having a userpage I could copy since I don't know this "wiki-script" or whatever it might be called...

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