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Born 1981

Played TT since its release. later on TTD

found TTDPatch in the summer 2004, later that year, around christmas i joined the community on TT-forums, and found OpenTTD. Been hooked ever since!

I like clean and simple designs with high capacity, and fast trains...

first joined Coop long time ago, played with the nick Boss back in the days, where Publicserver was called sandbox, in games 1-8 then left cause it took to much of my time.

Downloaded and analysed most of the coop savegames and implemented the best ideas and design in my own building style...


Also known as Torben Dyhl since i changed my name, so that my son could have this old family name.

Should actually change my status to inactive since i only join to look now, because of lack of sparetime! But im still active on the IRC-channel and checks on your games a couple of times a week;-)


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