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Ok, I'm LordAzamath..I joined community a long ago, but started building thisngs first on 10th dec..2007.

On IRC, I'm LordAzamath of Lord...In-game I often use name LA. In tt-forums, you can find me under name LordAzamath (how original..)

This is now some more formal information..

Personal Information

Home: Tallinn, Estonia ee.gif

Homepage: too lazy to have one

Blog: upper applies here too :D

Started playing TTD: spring/summer 2007

Joined #openttdcoop: A long time ago..actually started building 10th dec 2007

Specialist on: Making lots of useless trains & too much tf

Prefers: A nice game with rules :D Actually chaos can be very nice too...

Community Related Information

  • If anything needed, don't look at me :P
  • still dreaming of WWOTTDGD2

..and if you think I copied it from Osai's page, you're right :) Lord

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