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Personal Information

Real Name: Natan Straathof

Home: Rotterdam, nl.gif


Playing TTD since: around 1997, stopped several times and picked it up several times :)

Joined OTTD #openttdcoop: 2011

Member of OTTD #openttdcoop: Say what?!

Some of my projects

Hybrid between a standard ML-injector and a Cyclotron.

Injectror with NPL.png

Idea: The injected train can chose up to 4 different ML to continue its journey (1->4+NPL). If all ML's are full or temporarily occupied then the train will take the No-Pickup-Line (NPL) and will try it another time. Its different than a Cyclotron - because it easily holds multiple trains.

Article about this concept

Future prospects: Expanding the system to 2->4+NPL or even 4->4->, for higher capacity :)

Some of my Articles on the OTTD Blog

Orderless SRNW


Some of my save games

Media:Satan Transport Coopration, 18th Mar 2194.sav


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