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This page will give you some basic ideas of the problems arising out of a game where many players are playing simultanously or delayed. This is a list that shows the aproach of #openttdcoop to optimize our corporation.

  • Communication is the key point. Always say what your intention is. Check the console what has been said if you haven't been active some time (toggle the console with the key left to the "1", its the "^" on my keyboard or the "~" on the english one). If you connected a industry just tell your collegues so they can check it and advise you in case of a construction error. Here we are at the main advantage of cooperative gameplay: many eyes see more than just two and therefore errors in the network are less likely.
  • Do not build on a construction site where another player is working on. This is a very nasty thing. You can imagine why.
  • When you are building complicated stuff like a hub or a mainstation and you need time for thinking over it place a sign there. If you don't, someone can start building at the same place only because they wouldn't know you are building there.
  • You can never be sure how many players are playing before or after your game session. Therefore, you have to transport your ideas with signs used to comment out certain spots or stations. This is compareable to comments on programming. Take care you do not overact this; too many signs won't get read. Furthermore, delete signs that became unimportant.
  • The naming conventions are very important in order to find certain spots in a game. In our games we name every Mainline-Hub and Sideline-Hub in order they are built. Be sure to use exactly the notation used on the other Hubs (so it is ensured they are correctly sorted in the signlist).
  • Add a sign with your name whenever you build something. This makes it easy for others to contact you and give advice on how to improve your constructions. Also, do not fear to be blamed for a mistake you made - errare humanum est! No one will ever be angry with you. Thats a key point of cooperation. Do not accuse other people but correct them. Do not try to cover your mistakes but make them public so all can learn from them.

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