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How not to build...

Ok, so by now you've been told how to build in our games. We haven't settled on that building method for no reason. In here I'm going to explain you why, using an old game I made together with a friend of mine (it's quite old and worked reasonably at the time, however now it doesn't).

Start out with loading Media:Magnetic_Corp.,_30th_Dec_2090_CLI.sav.

With newer revisions the game will not run, if you have any newgrf's enabled. Disable them if you want to see the game in action.'

Now, I'll explain what's wrong with it:

  • There is a jammed roundabout in there. It will keep jamming over, and over again.
  • There are a multitude of 2x45 degree turns in there and even some 90 degree turns, the resulting congestion is disastrous to the efficiency of the network as most trains slow down to a crawl to get through the bends.
  • No use of pre-signals, even where they should be used. Result: congestion and inefficient use of the stations which need it.
  • Huge switches in front of stations. Most of those stations aren't even RoRo! Result: a lot of congestion.
  • Huge stations which see lots of traffic... without proper load-balancing. The result: a huge queue of trains, which have to wait for a single train to enter the station.
  • There are some junctions which are too tight. Result: waiting trains to go over it. This might cause a mild seizure to the network.

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