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Welcome to the Quickstart for the Stable competition server.


Server restarts when is the right time to do it (when map is full or people get bored). Questions when exactly that happens are considered evil!


  • The goals of this server are manifold:
    • To test new releases of game.
    • To test new versions of and new additions to the NewGRFs.
    • To allow newcomers to the game to learn how it works while enjoying themselves.

The goal is also to pose a challenge, so certain things available in the normal game have been made all but impossible here, to see people use their heads and indeed learn how things work best. Anyone can use planes to transport stuff across the map, it requires no more intelligence than a rock needs to stay in place. Boats, similarly, require little effort in planning, normally. On this server they are either hard to come by or impossible to maintain.


  • Keep it fair
    • Do not block other players
    • Do not intentionally sabotage
    • Respect general Multiplayer rules
    • Do not use "teleports", that is, if station spread is (accidentally) left high, link two remote places by stations near maximum spread with a short commute between them.
  • Be friendly, Play friendly
    • This means not just behave in a kind way, but we are also used to sabotage others as low as possible.
    • As a result, you should attempt to build as far from anyone else as possible.
    • If you have to build close to others, try to approach near their smaller stations, not large junctions.
    • Golden rule: Communicate!
  • Stealing and competiton
    • Generally No stealing and no competition
    • Ask if you want to service an industry or town serviced by another player
  • Towns
    • Do not destroy towns on the map. However if a town becomes a major obstacle near your big station/junction, it is allowed.
    • When you are growing large towns, make sure most of the passengers are taken to inter-city transports. Otherwise the city is "just local" and only wastes cpu, without any use for your network.
    • When growing a town, make sure majority of the buildings are covered. Otherwise you are growing it for no use. An indicator of satisfactory transport is around 50% transported passengers per month (or more).
  • Keep the terraform to a minimum
  • Please, oh please, use the chat system! You can start a chat by pressing "Enter" and entering text
  • Use decent nick, no vulgar/inappropriate nick names
    • You can change your nick via the console (press the key to the left of '1' to open it). Type: name <new-name>
    • You can also use the !name <newname> command
  • Ask for an admin to mediate, if you have issues with another player


We use a stable or testing version, download it from openttd.org


  • OpenTTD Manual
  • IRC on #openttdcoop.stable
    In addition to just connecting to the IRC channel, it would be wise to pay attention to the 'topic', as it is often updated with FAQ info about the current game on the Stable Server.
    The topic is usually shown in the main chat window upon channel joining, and at the top of the chat window in most GUI clients. (Webchat)
  • http://wiki.openttdcoop.org/GRF Sometimes we might happen to make a game with especially nice newGRF configuration without limiting ourselves to the online content. It is recommended to obtain the #openttdcoop newGRF pack so you don't miss those games!
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