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The Very Beginnings

#openttdcoop started in late 2004/early 2005. guru3, ShaggZ, xahodo and Mucht met up in the IRC channel of the OpenTTD community, #openttd on the freenode IRC network. There were many reasons for starting an all-seperate community dedicated for doing cooperative gameplay:

  • Teamplay is fun
  • Your gaming skills improve if you exchange your building styles in a non-competitive environment
  • The mapcycle gets faster - you don't have to play on one map for days to complete it since many players are helping to build a network. Th

guru3 started to host the first dedicated server. The early maps were 256x256 only since OTTD did not support bigmaps back then.

The Restructuring

After having some idle time during the spring/summer period 2005 most members of #openttdcoop found together again in september 2005. The game was under heavy development in the meantime and so many new strategies and styles were created in this period. Also, the community decided to change its own structure:

  • There will be a Wiki instead of a webpage in order to improve the flexibility of information
  • There will be a definition of 'Membership' and a clear regulation how to become a member
  • There will be a corporate design (signature for the tt-forums, logo etc.)

Thanks to valhallasw, who hosts the wiki, guru3, who hosts our signature and most members and close-to-membership players, the goals above were completed.

The 'Finally-at-Home'-Period

One day Brianetta joined our community and offered us the possibility to host a dedicated server for our games. We gratefully agreed to his offer and are proud to have two servers online now:

  • The mainserver which is restricted playground for members and thrusted players
  • The Sandbox Server which is the playground for our upcoming players, learning platform and funpark at once.

After setting up the dedicated servers many aspirants joined our community. #openttdcoop is now well-structured and became a known part of the OpenTTD-Universe.

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