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Membership at #openttdcoop?

The basic issue

As a community founded in order to develop concepts for huge train networks in OTTD our networks nowadays are far more complex compared to the tracks we built at the very beginnings of #openttdcoop. Despite this positive development we have to face the problem that it is more and more challenging for new players to join us. Regarding this challenge we aim to support new players that try to join us as much as possible and tutor them ingame.

Our approach

To achieve a good tutorial guidance ingame we decided to restructure our community a bit. From now on players will have a certain status. On the one hand there are members who know the rules, the usual tricks and concepts of our community. On the other hand there are the apprentice OTTD players who are very welcome to watch and build with us under the guidance of our active members. Since our active members want to play by themselves and we want to ensure a high quality tutorial help to our new members we decided to restrict the numer of apprentices in our games to one per full member playing. Therefore we frequently change our company password. Playing issues are discussed - as usual - in our IRC channel.

Our members

Current Members are: guru3, dp__, Mucht, Roo, ShaggZ, StarLite, Xahodo, thgergo.

How to become a member at #openttdcoop?

Six steps to become a member

First of all, be sure to join us in our IRC channel.

Second, be sure you know something about the very basics of OTTD. The OTTD Wiki will help you on this. Basics are things like signaling, laying tracks, purchasing trains and so on.

Third, be sure to know what we are talking about. Therefore, read our Guides and the Rules page.

The fourth step is joining us in our game after broadcasting your intention in our channel. You will build some additions to our network and see how we usually behave in our cooperative gameplay.

Fifth, you will be asked somewhen to make your own, alone-built 256*256 game with a massive train-network in our cooperative style. You should feel encouraged to develope your own ideas but the game should stick to our very basic rules. Please ensure to send us a savegame of your map with at least 150 trains stressing your network.

Sixth, if you send us your savegame the members of #openttdcoop will judge wether your playing style is mature enough to join us as a full member!

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