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Date of Birth: 16-06-1990

Location: Gent, Belgium be.gif

Started playing TT: 2008

Joined OpenTTDCoop: 2008 - PSG 106

Pro since: 16 september 2010

Strengths: Do I have one? I complain to much about discovered errors, if thats one

Weakness: TF, loves too much rules and standards (only when its needed btw), sometimes noobish

Likes: Signal logics, optimalitations and improvements, new concepts and experiments, good plans, clean and simple stuff

Dislikes: Planes/Boats/Non-TF/ >50% water with only small islands/ Changing good working pieces into testcircuits

Blog (dutch):

PSG 150 oil line: Avdg: File:Psg150 oilrail avdg.sav

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