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Location: Roelofarendsveen, Holland

Started playing TT: Somewhere in the mid-nineties, when I was like 7 or 8 years old :)

Joined OpenTTDCoop: July 2007

Member since: 25th of March, 2008:

dih: Would you be interested in being admin at a pretty active OTTD server?

dih: And the IRC channel is pretty full too

Mark: huh what server would that be?

Strengths: Building major constructions from scratch.

Weakness: Minor fixes, SLs / Feeders, Eye-candy

Likes: Big maps with large fluent networks.

Dislikes: Messy SLHs

Variable Trainlength Handeling

For the arcticle on this see: Variable Trainlength Handeling

Synchronized Joining

For the arcticle on this see: Synchronized Joining


Some other stuff I made: Other

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