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Contact: V453000 [at] seznam [dot] cz

Fast Contact: ICQ # 228 116 307

Date of birth: 1st January 1920 (29. 6. 1990 in real)

Location: Temperate Climate (Liberec, Czech Republic)

TT since: childhood, my uncle is the root of this evil!

OpenTTDCoop since: fall 2008 or 2009, absolutely unsure

Strengths: wtf?

Weaknesses: morale and laziness, abilities with IRC and wiki account :p

Loves: SRNW, weird things like logic mechanisms,

Likes: low terraforming games, arctic climate, e-rail, low train lengths, cargo games

Is not sure about: PAX games

Dislikes: long trains, narrow maps, RVs, transfers

Hates: ultra-terraforming. anywhere

Few sentences about my GeekOpenTTD Career:

When I came to openttdcoop for the first time long time ago, I saw just those huge networks, first game I saw was PSG 137 and I just looked ... oh hell ... that station is a monster ... these guys are real good. As I discovered other and other parts of the archive, a very interesting thing was PZG 5 because that was the absolutely godlike game from my point of view. Also I have played Osai's osqc and I absolutely enjoyed that. After discovering the SRNW and the logic, I thought "Wow! This is the thing I really like and I see something new can be made!" Since there I spent some games on developing how to use SRNW for all cargo types and making effective stations. If you wanted to imagine my classic private game, just imagine a square map in 1920, starting with L_R ... and through various plans-on-the-go reaching some nice results (very simple designs though) and mainly - being entertained in the process.

I wish a nice time to everyone playing OpenTTD!

What am I doing?

Train Length Splitters

Want to split the various TLs on the network? You might find these useful.

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