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As you could call about 90% of our games Cargo, it sure is a broad category. It is hard to describe a Cargo game, the main aspects are that we service industries and we typically use the standard ML structure, but even that can have various results.

Special types of cargo games are refit-, SRNW- and SML-games.

PSG 155 Download: Public Server Game 155 Final / Archive entry for this game
PSG155plan.png A nice cargo game with a square network layout.
PSG 202 Download: Public Server Game 202 Final / Archive entry for this game
PSG202plan.png Here the network was formed by a bit more hubs, following the mountains.
PSG 222 Download: Public Server Game 222 Final / Archive entry for this game
PSG222plan.png A game with massive amount of hubs and also high amount of main stations due to many various industry types.


As a game sub-type could be considered Boost games where we attempt to break the record of single cargo output, or just try to reach as high amount as possible. Only raw cargoes are typically transported as secondaries would only be additional effort and cpu power required.

See the [Hall of Fame] for more refference

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