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This server is a playground for testing new patches until they come to trunk.

Feel free to join us: search for the server name "#openttdcoop - Patch:...". The password is "coop".

rcon on the Dev Server is granted to every full member of #openttdcoop.

Server Details


our Info page


Location: Germany

Additionally, you need some GRFs - further details at our related page.

Installed Patch: (check IRC topic)

IRC Channel: irc://

"Subrules" for current Pax/Cargo Destination game

1) Use long-distance carriages always
2a) Build depots so that they can only be reached from a station platform, preferably at terminal stations
2b) Have one depot order for each train and send them to the depot empty:
    1) Jump to order 4 if requires service is false
	2) Go To X (Unload and no loading)
	3) Go to nearest train depot
	4) Go To X
	---More Orders---
	This makes trains go to specific depots only
3) Block signals are every 15 tiles
4) Signals may only be at safe waiting locations, bear in mind train lengths
5) Platforms:
   12 Tiles: Heavy-duty cargo stations
    8 Tiles: Long-distance passenger trains, medium cargo stations
	4 Tiles: Short-distance passenger trains, Local trains, Small cargo stations
	3 Tiles: Local / suburban trains in crowded aeras
   Amount (personal experience):
    Terminal station:    build this mostly in large cities when you have no chance of crossing. 6 Platforms MINIMUM. Depot
	Large city station:  6 tracks, all trains might/will stop there. If you have non-stopping trains, consider building 2 through tracks (no platform)
	                     in or around the station
	Medium city station: 4 tracks, if at or near a trunk route, split the 4 platforms off the trunk and have the trunk go through the station
	Small station:       2 tracks, maybe 3 if trains terminate here. Make room for long-distance trains to pass through even when all platforms are loaded.
	Small terminal:      The end of subordiate lines, 2, maybe 3 platforms
	NOTICE: Build through stations when possible, except when near the edge, use tunnels if needed.
6) Multilane track configurations:
    Use common sense. Rather make use of waypoint to "sort" different types of trains (cargo, local, long-distance) then to blindly mix stuff. LR LR LR can be easier
	to manage at junctions than LLLRRR if the trains are sorted.
7) Use road vehicles to bring stuff from other parts of the town to the stations
8) For cities, consider building a local train system early on. It's hardly possible
   to add it later

How to join a patched server

Ask for further help on IRC

XXXX = type !revision on irc

Linux (or other selfcompiler;-)

  • svn revert . -R (for i in `svn st src/ | sed -n -e 's/^\? //gp'`; do rm $i -Rf; done)
  • svn up -rXXXX (without M)
  • Get the patch from the forum thread. It's usually on the last page. (link is in the IRC topic)
  • patch -p0 -i patch.diff
  • ./configure && make
  • if your client shows now the revision rXXXXM -> join us


  • Take BuildOTTD and let it make for you. (or ask XeryusTC for a binary on IRC)
  • if your client shows now the revision rXXXXM -> join us


If you've installed the development tools (XCode, subversion, dev package), the same steps as for Linux apply.


Because you will have troubles with reverting patched source. (new files won't be deleted)

for i in `svn st src/ | sed -n -e 's/^\?      //gp'`; do rm $i; done

There is a script in the root directory: ./cleanrevert

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