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ECS is a set of Newgrfs that replace the standard game industries. Developed by George, it consists of 7 sets of industries, called vectors. While work on ECS is still in progress, it is easily the most advanced industry replacement. Information on ECS can be found on here


The ECS industries are subdivided into 7 vectors, or sets. These are:

  • Town
  • Basic
  • Chemical
  • Machinery
  • Wood
  • Construction
  • Agricultural

Every vector defines a set of industries and a set of cargoes. The special case here is the Town vector, which must be loaded if any ECS is used. A part of the town vector is ECS houses, where a lot of cargo is transported to. This is a separate GRF and also a part of the Total Town Replacement set. However, the ECS houses are still very beta and so far only tourists and petrols stations seem to work.

Acceptance and production

If or not an industry accepts cargo depends mostly on the stockpiles. Every industry has a stockpile of a cargo and in general, if that stockpile is full it will stop accepting new cargo. Production in ECS depends on a lot of factors. For some production is season dependant Others have requirements on the input cargo, where for example all input cargoes are required to start production. Lastly, there are production levels that determine how much is produced. These production levels are influenced by year and amount of cargo transported. If an industry produces more than one cargo, the amount of each cargo transported will determine how much is produced the next month.


There are alot of possible cargo connections in ECS. It takes a while to understand all these, so it might be handy to check the scheme of all the vectors. Some notes to this scheme (noted from beta 5, released 13 January 2009):

  • The potash mine does not exist and neither does potash.
  • The power plant does not produce anything, Sulphur does not exist.
  • The steel mill does not want Limestone.
  • The shipyard does not exist.
  • Town supply centre does not exist.
  • Trade centre does not exist.
  • ECS houses only contains hotels, petrol stations and towers (not working).
  • Tourist centre only accepts tourists.

To better understand the connections in ECS, ODM made a savegame with a grid containing almost all of the links in a peer-to-peer style. In this savegame, tourists, passengers, valuables/diamonds, tourist centre and gasoline are left out. The focus is mainly on industries. This savegame can be found at Media:ECSgrid10.sav.

Coop style

OpenTTDCoop had a go at ECS, loading all the vectors in a large map. The result can be found at PublicServer:Archive_-_Games_131_-_140#gameid_134

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