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Public Server Game 140
Game Date: 30.04.09-08.05.09
Usual suspects: Chris booth, Avdg, tneo, Ammler, Mark, Thijs, KenjiE20, planetmaker, mensi (extend)
Gametype: ICE + S-Bahn
Trainlength: TL 11 & Various
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Temperate
Version used: r16251 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game stated with 4 towns with 0 population. We had to generate city plans that included ICE lines and SBanh lines. Mark's plan won which meant we had to and a clockwise outer ring with 4 one way central main lines. This means that each city had 4 ICE transfer station. We had some very nice SBahn idea appear in this game and 2 very large cities, Marks city had 800,000 population peaking at arround 900,000 and Thijis had over 1,000,000 population in the end. The game end with over 1400 trains.
This is a screen shot of Thijs S-Bahn
Download: Public Server Game 140 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 139
Game Date: 23.04.09-30.04.09
Usual suspects: KenjiE20, ODM, planetmaker, Avdg, ^Spike^, Thijs, XeryusTC, KenjiE20, (extend)
Gametype: Cargo + PAX
Trainlength: TL
Mapsize: Map Type and Size
Version used: r16055 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: 2 large rivers devided this map, the lead into the Nord and Oest Sea's, most plans seemed to focus arround deviding the map into 2 distinc areas. the final game we had to transport PAX and Cargo arround the map.
Picture Caption
Download: Public Server Game 139 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 138
Game Date: 15.04.09-23.04.09
Usual suspects: planetmaker, Mitooo, Walle, Mark, TheJosh, Snake, Sepp, Chris booth, Combuster, Ammler, Thraxian, (extend)
Gametype: ICE + S-Bahn
Trainlength: 8
Mapsize: 256*2048 Temperate
Version used: r16055 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: A stretched map with a full pax network. Around 230 ICE trains connect the 4 main terminals on the 4 main islands. The terminals are fed by local S-Bahn, trams and buses. From north to south straight through everything is the TL64 Beast maglev, making an almost impossible 15 million a year.
Rindston, the biggest city in the game.
Download: Public Server Game 138 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 137
Game Date: 08.04.09-15.04.09
Usual suspects: RMJ, Tuz, mensi, KenjiE20, Mark, Ammler, Thraxian, Walle, Tuz, Avdg, phatmatt, (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: 10
Mapsize: 512*512 Sub-Tropical
Version used: r16055 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: An ambitious plan by RMJ, where all cargo is delivered to a single station in the middle of the map. The raws were picked up from two large primary wings. In the end the network held 800 trains in good flow.
The huge main drop station.
Download: Public Server Game 137 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 136
Game Date: 31.03.09-08.04.09
Usual suspects: tneo, avdg, ZarenorDarkstalker, KenjiE20, Mark, Mensi, Chris booth, seandasheep, RMJ, Levi, bennythen00b, ValkaTR, Gleeb, Uliko, jondisti, (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: 5
Mapsize: 512*1024 Temperate
Version used: r15906 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: A large map generated using the original generator and no newgrfs were used in this game to get the "oldskool" feeling. At about 1000 trains the outer ring of the network started to slow down and a 5th lane was added which kept the network running smoothly even with more than 1200 trains.
This Picture shows the Iron and Goods Drop and the Steel Pickup.
Download: Public Server Game 136 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 135
Game Date: 27.03.09-31.03.09
Usual suspects: (extend)
Gametype: Chaos
Trainlength: 5
Mapsize: 256x256 Temperate
Version used: r15712 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: Another ECS map, again with all vectors loaded. ECS combined with a chaos theory plan turned out surprisingly clean and all trains were moving smoothly in the end. Due to an unfortunate saving accident (or lack thereof) we no longer have the savefile of this game. If you have a savefile of game 135, please let us know on IRC. Any save, no matter the progress ingame, would be of great help.
Please return it to us.
Download: Public Server Game 135 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 134
Game Date: 14.03.09-27.03.09
Usual suspects: ODM, KenjiE20, Narc, Progman, Chris booth (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 14, 7 and some less common used ones
Mapsize: 1024x1024 Temperate
Version used: r15712 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: Once again an ambitious plan, loading all the ECS vectors. Every vector was built seperately with its own plan, with freight being transfered between them on a huge circular mainline. In the end we managed to transport nearly all the cargos defined by ECS and running nearly a 1000 trains on the network. The ECS combined with the large map size sadly prevented players from joining in the end but all in all it was a good game and a decent introduction to the world of ECS.
The Wood Vector Transfer, one of the busiest stations in the game, by narc and Chris Booth.
Download: Public Server Game 134 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 133
Game Date: 1.03.09-14.03.09
Usual suspects: narc, Tuz, Bennythen00b, zakjan (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 7
Mapsize: 256x1024 Arctic
Version used: r15654 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: We picked a very ambitious plan for this map -- two parallel 4x4 mainlines with SML, with the drop/pickup stations at the loose ends of the mainlines. However, building the four BBHs took a very long time, and the plan also changed several times to remove some of the trickier requirements, such as "no mainline above the snowline", which was producing some very uneven mainlines that couldn't be properly connected with SLHs. In the end, some major rebuilds were required for the north-western stations to cope with the load. This game also tested the feasibility of using GRFs from BaNaNaS, which turned out not to prevent anyone from joining (though often they needed help finding them).
BBH North-West, the first and most expansive BBH, but looking quite pretty.
Download: Public Server Game 133 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 132
Game Date: 26.02.09-01.03.09
Usual suspects: Avdg, narc, Tuz, planetmaker, Combuster (extend)
Gametype: Holding & Subsidiaries Concept (pax only)
Trainlength: 3-8 local, 15 for ICE
Mapsize: 512x1024 Temperate
Version used: r15591 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: The map was divided into 15 provinces, which players then assigned themselves to. A mainline was also built to shuttle the passengers around the provinces. Sadly, the map proved too big (so people didn't have much chance to cooperate in building their provinces), and a bug with the Japan Train Set made the game unplayable for most.
Capital City's ICE terminal, featuring a sea of mail.
Download: Public Server Game 132 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 131
Game Date: 21.02.09-26.02.09
Usual suspects: Mark, db48x, narc, Combuster, Mortomes, Wouterr, planetmaker, Tuz (as cyril), Avdg, KenjiE20, ODM, Sedontane, Mazen, Kolo Bennythen00b (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept (food and water only)
Trainlength: 2, 6, and 24
Mapsize: 1024x512 Sub-Tropical
Version used: r15495 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: The map featured four separate cargo networks looping around in opposite directions: two for fruit/maize trains, a third for water trains, and a fourth for the massive (TL24) food trains. The most major problem with the plan was the difficulty people had in connecting everything up properly.
The map's oddest feature, the so-called "compressors". The first one was built by Mark, the rest were added (and refined) over time.
Download: Public Server Game 131 Final / Direct Link to this entry
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