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Public Server Game 190
Game Date: 26.7.10-1.8.10
Usual suspects: ^Spike^,XeryusTC, V453000, ODM, thgergo, avdg, Yso, VVG, Mazur, sharpy, Eoin, fmauNeko, kriokamera, Absolutis, Paltala (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Temperate
Version used: r20241 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: A very watery map, the always awesome DB set, b2b style. This is how our game looked on the first look. In the end we got some nice network with a major dominance of oil because of the high amounts of water, and insane amounts of oil rigs spawned. Due to the start with L5R only, we soon needed to double many connections. Because the oil productions were so high, the oil refinery area reached up to LLLL_RRRR and we had about 1100 trains on the network.
XeryusTC styled station - Oil processing; largest station of the game.
Download: Public Server Game 190 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 189
Game Date: 20.07.10-26.7.10
Usual suspects: ^Spike^, Combuster, XeryusTC, V453000, thgergo, avdg, Yso, VVG, Mazur, fmauNeko, Absolutis, Paltala (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Tropic
Version used: r20146 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game was on topic "hub building practice". The plan itself had quite a few hubs, and with addition of SLHs, we ended up on quite a nice count so the hubs are basically everywhere on the ML. We also played on a flat tropic map in order to cut off any problems with landscaping. Because the ML was quite big - two rings with spokes - we reached 1300 trains in the end.
Definitely the nicest station of the game. It was furtherly reinforced by flipflop balancing in front of it's entrances.
Download: Public Server Game 189 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 188
Game Date: 30.06.10-20.07.10
Usual suspects: V453000, Vitus, avdg, Yso, ^Spike^, Macha, pugi, VVG, Lukeus Maximus, Mazur, Piyush, theholyduck, fmauNeko, Yso, Ramsus08191, avdg, sepp, Absolutis, Paltala (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512 x 1024 Artic
Version used: r20146 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: First FIRS (newGRF industries) game, in which we discovered, that primaries need supplies to survive, so you need to hook up primaries that produce the base for the supplies to the secondaries that make them, and then distribute those supplies. We decided on transfer stations at each SLH, from where road vehicles could transport the supplies to the needy primaries. The actual amount of supplies did not matter, just once each 1 or 1.5 month _some_ supplies does the trick. Unfortunately, the graphic artists have as yet not accomplished graphics for all the new industries and stations, so the eyecandy is somewhat lagging and haphazard. But all in all a wonderful addition to OTTD. Three beers for the creators! Another feature of this game was a proliferation of overflows and, more abjectionable, reverse tracks.
It takes some skill to build a good hub, but it takes some real effort to build one in difficult mountains, like this one at the end of Milky Valley
Download: Public Server Game 188 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 187
Game Date: 11.6.10-30.6.10
Usual suspects: Mark, V453000, OwenS, Wouterr, Vitus, sepp, Barbaar, avdg, Yso, Razmir, Macha, Paltala (extend)
Gametype: PAX
Trainlength: TL10
Mapsize: 256 x 1024 arctic
Version used: r20001 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: After a while we played a PAX game again. The biggest issue of the whole was a CL10 for ML trains because 321kmh on e-rail and TL10 demands it. This made all constructions fairly difficult, or at least, fairly big. The game ended with 861trains and 1000 road vehicles.
A classic Mark style station :)
Download: Public Server Game 187 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 186
Game Date: 31.05.10-11.6.10
Usual suspects: V453000, XeryusTC, OwenS, Wouterr, theholyduck, Vitus, tycoondemon, Mazur, KyleS, sonic, leg3nd, Ralph, Chris Booth, Ninjamask, Barbaar, Jokke, Razmir, 0zlw, Macha (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 512 x 512 arctic
Version used: r19950 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: In this game we used refit orders again. This time, we used it to refit all trains transporting all primaries from which goods are produced. Due to some uncomfortable effects of refitting, we used four town drops. Into one of these we situated also our gold and coal drop. Because we used the super-powerful AL-10 engine, our trains accelerated almost instantly, allowing us to have extremely high-traffic lines and reaching a total of above 2000 trains. Further description at
The paper mill station, jewel of the game
Download: Public Server Game 186 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 185
Game Date: 22.05.10-31.05.10
Usual suspects: Mazur, Combuster, KyleS, sonic, Ralph, hribek, avdg, Vitus, Barbaar, DJ, Wouterr (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL9 / TL3
Mapsize: 64 x 2048 temperate
Version used: r19894 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: The goal of this game was to transport wood, coal, grain and livestock to drop stations on the north and south part of the map using 6 big feeder stations. The game ended with more then 1400 trains.
One of the busiest transfer stations.
Download: Public Server Game 185 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 184
Game Date: 15.05.10-21;.05.10
Usual suspects: V453000, Mark, XeryusTC, Vitus, Intexon, theholyduck, HDIEagle, sonic, Mazur, Tray, KyleS, Arkenklo, Wouterr, avdg (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL2
Mapsize: 256 x 512 alpine
Version used: r19821 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: After a while we played an apline climate again. This time we also didnt forget about the farms, as scenario suggested. That forced us to solve the wave-tendency of our network. We used a system of delaying the goods trains by half a year, so they didnt add to the farm-trains waves. No part of the network needed an upgrade and the game ended with 1200 TTT (two tile trains).
The delayer of goods trains. The Storage - 226 parking spaces!
Download: Public Server Game 184 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 183
Game Date: 28.04.10-15.05.10
Usual suspects: XeryusTC, Arkenklo, avdg, Cameron, Chris_Booth, Combuster, F223, Hirundo, Intexon, jond1sti, KenjiE20, KloBass, Korpse, KyleS, Mazur, planetmaker, phatmatt, phil755, pugi, Razaekel, seandasheep, Sonic, ^Spike^, strstrep, TakeTwo, Theholyduck, Tray, V453000, VictorOfSweden, wisepotato, xpac, Zaitzev, (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512 x 512 temperate
Version used: r19734 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This was a game with the experimental LRxLR mainline concept which allows for different hub construction. Some parts of the network weren't able to handle the stress and needed to be upgraded to LRxLRxLR. Even then some trains needed to be directed via low traffic areas of the network so things didn't grind to a complete halt.
A nice shot of the LR LR LR BBH 02
Download: Public Server Game 183 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 182
Game Date: 20.04.10-28.04.10
Usual suspects: V453000, tneo, Kommer, leg3nd, Vitus, Sander_Buruma, theholyduck, Vypus, sonic, xpac, KyleS, Trangar, Zaitzev, Intexon, DJ Nekkid, pugi, Pirate87, Skasi, Mazur, avdg, VictorOfSweden, mrruben5, F223 (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL2, TL5, TL20
Mapsize: 512 x 1024 Tropic
Version used: r19689 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This was a pretty quick game finished in just eight days. In this game we played a modified style of PSG 131 - multiple separate mainlines with different train lenghts and cargoes on them, which led to some serious confusion. In the end, all the confusion cleared and we got a nicely working network. There were TLs from 2 up to TL20, transporting every cargo but oil. The game ended with 1532 TL2 trains, 386 TL5 trains and 66 TL20 trains.
Our babysitted Dredingtown and it's drop stations - diamonds, food, goods and water
Download: Public Server Game 182 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 181
Game Date: 10.04.10-20.04.10
Usual suspects: V453000, XeryusTC, SmatZ, planetmaker, ODM, KyleS, theholyduck, sonic, mrruben5, phatmatt, Mazur, leg3nd, pugi (extend)
Gametype: Chaos Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Toyland
Version used: r19611 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: The fact this game was chaos (with few rules) probably discouraged several people from playing it. When the basic network was done, we were at about 1100 trains with many jammy spots. This was the first moment game finishing was proposed, but also it was the beginning of the more entertaining part. Many hubs were rebuilt and extended, network was extended with new connections. Town drop and sweets drop, along with associated routes, were rebuilt. In the end, some parts of network are just one big hub. We got to 1600 trains without jams.
Candy mountain - trains can eat candy while they wait. Thanks to many changes in later game stages, trains do not have to wait very often.
Download: Public Server Game 181 Final / Direct Link to this entry

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