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Public Server Game 180
Game Date: 29.03.10-10.4.10
Usual suspects: V453000, XeryusTC, avdg, Intexon, XeryusTC, Hirundo, Vitus, sonic, RockerTimmy, Headshot119, Lukeus Maximus, xarx, Kolo, leg3nd, Mitcian, shawn, thomashauk, LordAro, VictorOfSweden, MrRuben5 (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 1024x256
Version used: r19523 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: Madness, insanity, weirdness, nuts. Probably the most suitable words for this game. A self-regulation based game where trains didn't have any orders at all. Logic everywhere, really meant Everywhere! Over 700 logic trains can be found all around the map. The network looks like two mirrored parts, but in fact, it behaves as one single piece, being regulated together all the time. As trains without orders are dumb, none of the hubs looked normal - all were logic-based in order to regulate the traffic as desired. In total, this game had 3000, Three Thousand! Trains. (note that wood trains were "only" almost 2200, rest is dummies and logic) Do you need any further comments?
Core part of the most interesting feature of this game - ML Split 06, "The Shredder"
Download: Public Server Game 180 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 179
Game Date: 17.03.10-29.03.10
Usual suspects: V453000, XeryusTC, Thraxian, OwenS, Thorinbur, Zerpa, Intexon, Pirate87, VictorOfSweden, Petert, csuke, Giddorah, Commie Si, sonic, Chris Booth, haseo, leg3nd, N101, Razmir, skol, thomashauk, ukilo (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512x512
Version used: r19443 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game was pretty unordinary. Not only we played with the US trainset which we use rarely, but we also used the Go to nearest depot and refit to a cargo order, completely replacing food and goods trains. So we had to make weird, strange ... different drop stations than normally because we needed the depots to refit in. The ML looked like a LLLL_RRRR ring all around the map with no BBHs, 4MSHs and several SLHs. Wood got a majority on the map and paper mill production ended at about 18 000 tonnes of paper per month, Food Processing Plant following with about 10000 food per month.. The game ended with almost 1200 trains.
The hypnotizer. Stop looking at it! You must stop looking! Stoppp... Ahhh I am lost.
Download: Public Server Game 179 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 178
Game Date: 27.02.10-17.03.10
Usual suspects: V453000, XeryusTC, Thraxian, OwenS, jondisti, Thorinbur, Zerpa, Intexon, Sander_Buruma, Pirate87, VictorOfSweden, SmatZ, Zuu, Petert, gr00vaLisTic (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 256x1024
Version used: r19410 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: "FIRS game" says it almost all. This was quite a hard map as it was rough, watery and atop of it all very mountainous with high multiplier/slope steepness settings. The network design was an outer ring of LL_RR or LLL_RRR with inner LL_RR spokes. The outer ring was intensively used but due to massive amount of secondary industries, trains got splitted there and most of the MSHs remained an overkill. As there were many MSHs to be built even though we grouped 2 or 4 industries per MSH, the game took a very long time in game years and ended just after year 2500 with almost 1000 trains and 175 road vehicles.
Oil refinery area, the most stressed secondary.
Download: Public Server Game 178 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 177
Game Date: 18.02.10-27.02.10
Usual suspects: Combuster, PeterT, Mitooo, Sietse, mrcool, Thraxian, OwenS, V453000, roboboy, jondisti, ed__, Phazorx, Zerpa, Intexon, Sander_Buruma, Grim, Pirate87, Jorl17, Kenix, VictorOfSweden, Qanael, XeryusTC, SmatZ (extend)
Gametype: Gametype:TGV_Concept
Trainlength: TL15
Mapsize: 512x512
Version used: r19163 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: A TGV concept game in a tropical setting. The mainline was 1x1 almost all the way round due to the long trains - there were no SLs, so only BBHs and MSHs were built, focusing on speed and avoiding interruptions as per the concept. The plan also called for independent food and water networks to supply desert towns, which ended up being far more complex than the main network itself. There was a variety of styles for the supply networks, from V's crazy TL1 "anthill" (pictured) to less hectic TL5 networks. The total population ended up around 720,000, with over 1100 trains in total and 2 cities over 100 thousand inhabitants.
V's anthill of insanity. Look at those cute little trains toiling away!
Download: Public Server Game 177 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 176
Game Date: 09.02.10-18.02.10
Usual suspects: ODM, Combuster, Mitooo, Fuco, ^Spike^, Phazorx, Chris Booth, csuke, grim, Pirate87, Thraxian, V453000, sepp, Zerpa (extend)
Gametype: Boost
Trainlength: TL7
Mapsize: 512x512
Version used: r19145 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: Total boost game. As planned by Combuster, this game reached 100k goods production per month, being as good as the current record from PSG 121. The whole network had 4 parts called branches which were not connected with each other. Fail-safe SML was used to maintain the 4-6 line traffic. The drop was smartly splitted into multiple sawmill drop stations in on complex and trains were ordered by entrance and exit waypoints of the whole drop area, nicely balancing the productions of sawmills. 20 - Twenty! lines of trains were flowing into the drop. Resulting in almost 1200 trains.
The drop complex almost fitted into the one-out zoom screenshot! :D
Download: Public Server Game 176 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 175
Game Date: 02.02.10-09.02.10
Usual suspects: V453000, Combuster, ODM, XeryusTC, Thraxian, Jondisti, Sietse, Techinica, Qanael, Intexon, MD (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL2-5
Mapsize: 512x1024
Version used: r18985 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game had a very simple plan. One ML, completely no BBHs and only LLLL_RRRR at the largest point of the ML. Nothing interesting there. More interesting was that this game actually had not only two separate networks, but also two separate plans. The general one from V453000 and the more detailed one from Combuster, which served as a clever specification of our solution to the food transfering :). The first was just a network that supplied the Food Processing Plant. Then there was another nework - the food delivery. The goal was to deliver food to all towns that require food for town growth. We went for TL3 feeders of transfer stations and from the transfers food was delivered by TL2 trains to the towns. The delivery was more interesting task than it might seem. There were various types of delivery networks, but logic based splitters seemed to work best. The game ended with 1200 trains and Food processing plant at 27540 tonnes of food per month.
Maxed production of FPP and interesting stations.
Download: Public Server Game 175 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 174
Game Date: 28.01.10-02.02.10
Usual suspects: V453000, Sietse, Chris Booth, csuke, db48x, jondisti, Thorinbur, MDGrein, Combuster, haseo, Zerpa, Kenix, Qanael, VictorOfSweden (extend)
Gametype: PAX
Trainlength: TL6
Mapsize: 256 x 1024 Temperate
Version used: r18927 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: In the planning phase were made many plans but voting ended up with everyone-voted-for-one. Osai made a plan called "City Game". This was expected to be a network of connected cities with train ICE, buses and also planes. Only some cities had proper Sbahn, which resulted in some uselessly big cities that supported the ICE only with several thousands of pax per month. On the other hand the biggest city of this game was Gretborough, growed by Chris Booth and reaching about 108k inhabitants. This city also provided quite a lot pax to the ICE, by having a nice Sbahn. The game ended with 738 trains, 963 road vehicles, 80 aircraft and the world population reached above 1,5 million.
The so-called Lake area. Grown mainly by Chris Booth, this was the most effective in providing pax to the ICE.
Download: Public Server Game 174 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 173
Game Date: 19.01.10-28.01.10
Usual suspects: Mark, Sietse, KenjiE20, Chris Booth, Ammler, XeryusTC, Raz, Sepp, csuke, db48x, MeisterMarkus, jondisti, VictorOfSweden (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 1024 x 1024 Temperate
Version used: r18867 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game was a replay of MZ04 (so called Pile Transport). We reused the plan and went for Pile Transport 2.0. The plan consisted of a grid of LL_10_RR network with many 4-way hubs. Trains were already inserted in the network while lots of BBH and MSH were being created still. The huge pickup / drop stations required many improvements to keep the massive flow of trains going. The game ended with almost 1500 trains.
The huge sawmill created by V453000 creating 13k goods a month and serving over 500 trains.
Download: Public Server Game 173 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 172
Game Date: 02.01.10-19.01.10
Usual suspects: Mark, V453000, Chris Booth, Osai, csuke, Samh, Combuster, ZarenorDarkstalker, Techinica, Kolo, Roysvork, sparr, Zuu, Hyppy, Sietse, Petert, Iomba, kratt, jondisti (extend)
Gametype: 4 Cargo SRNW
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Sub-Tropical
Version used: r18758 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: This game was supposed to be insane as planned. Plan by Mark, four cargo type SRNW, sidelines crossing over each other, planned high cargo capacity. The game finished quite well even though the cargos ended up quite imbalanced as people added only copper ore in the beginning of the game as the copper mines were the only industries still alive after the long voting phase. Most of the problem were the huge stations which proved that SRNW should be built with more and smaller of them.
Most capacity loading station - 32 bays, TL 147 total dummy trains. It served about 8 farms.
Download: Public Server Game 172 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 171
Game Date: 30.12.09-02.01.10
Usual suspects: Pm, Mark, Combuster, KenjiE20, V453000, Sparr, Sam, ZarenorDarkstalker, csuke, Petert, MeisterMarkus (extend)
Gametype: RV Cargo & PAX
Trainlength: TL0 (RV)
Mapsize: 256 x 256 Sub-Arctic
Version used: r18669 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.3
Remarks: A new-year minigame. RV only, supplying two cities with food, goods and PAX from each other. In the early stages we had trouble with the very low snowline preventing from prospecting farms. After this problem solved, the game was very quick (just few days) as it was a small map and a RV game. Probably the most remarkable thing is the RV balancer which has been used a lot during the game. The game ended with 1709 road vehicles.
One of the multiple-version SLH and a balancer (Chahill balancer)
Download: Public Server Game 171 Final / Direct Link to this entry
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