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Public Server Game 100
Game Date: 10.06.08 - 13.06.08
Usual suspects: Mark, Chris booth, andyp, mixrin, Combuster, Logix (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL3
Mapsize: 256*256 Temperate
Version used: 0.4.5 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: For the Public game #100 we decided to relive some old time, therefore we used the 3-year-old 0.4.5 version and various other "old-skool"-elements. In the beginning many people were not too happy with these settings but the game ended up as a nice, relatively clean, chaotic game. On to #200!
Showing some nice, "oldskool" spaghetti.
Download: Public Server Game 100 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 99
Game Date: 03.06.08 - 10.06.08
Usual suspects: planetmaker, Combuster, satyap, SmatZ, DASPRiD, DJNekkid, tneo, hzzzln, Altaree, Logix (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL7
Mapsize: 512*512 Temperate
Version used: r13374 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: This game revolved around one epically huge station in the center of the map, serving all cargo. From there, four RRR rings would go around the map serving the primary industries. A separate network connected a steel mill and oil refinery which were fed from the main station, as wel as a dedicated MagLev goods line. Building styles were varied a lot, in the sense that you could find both SML and classic hubs, RoRo and terminus stations, feeders and direct connections for oil rigs. After careful optimisation, the game boasted a network running over a thousand trains smoothly.
Screenshot of a part of the main central drop, with some great eye-cany by Combuster. Certainly worth a look in game.
Download: Public Server Game 99 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 98
Game Date: 31.05.08 - 03.06.08
Usual suspects: Mark, satyap, Addi, andyp, Altaree, Levi (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL7 for Primaries, TL9 for Secondaries
Mapsize: 256*2048 Temperate
Version used: r13346 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: This game developped into a nice, well-flowing SML-based network. We had primary trains, running on two seperated SML-Networks with a drop at each end of the map and secondary steel and goods trains making complete loops between the two major stations.
Showing one of many feeders stations, that were used to feed cargo to main drop stations.
Download: Public Server Game 98 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 97
Game Date: 26.05.08 - 31.05.08
Usual suspects: BenTotterdell, Mark, andyp, Combuster, tneo, satyap, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5
Mapsize: 512*512 Temperate
Version used: r13269 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: In this game we had a very interesting ML Layout, we had a RRRR Diagonal ML Loop running across the map from the SW to the NE, this was a very interesting and Complex network planned by combuster, there was a low Terra rule although sometimes it was over looked, it did however make the mainlines look messy and there were many 'Ghetto' Style hubs, which didn't help matters and which eventually became a big problem with too many trains to handle, however there were fewer new players this game, and towards the end of the game the hubs became clearer and priorities were used more often and the network then moved better and the game became a success.
One of the BBH's showing a neat optical bridge stacking effect.
Download: Public Server Game 97 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 96
Game Date: 23.05.08 - 26.05.08
Usual suspects: Mark, Combuster, planetmaker, Rob, Satyap, Walle,BenTotterdell, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: S-Bahn + ICE
Trainlength: TL3 S-Bahn Trains, TL9 ICE-Trains
Mapsize: 1024*256 Arctic
Version used: r13210 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: In this game we started off with a plain map which had only 3 cities on it. After the S-Bahns were built town growth was enabled and the cities started growing rapidly. We ended up with a total population of more than 2 million and moving many millions of passengers each year.
The shopping mall at Shanghai, situated between the two main traffic lines through the city.
Download: Public Server Game 96 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 95
Game Date: 17.05.08 - 23.05.08
Usual suspects: BenTotterdell, Rob, tneo, pm, Mark, Satyap, Tim, Narc, Combuster, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL5 for primaries, TL9 for Goods/Food
Mapsize: 1024*256 Arctic
Version used: r13032 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: In this game we had all trains going down a LLLL10RRRR ML. Included in the game were two refit area's, one at each end of the map. The goods/food trains refit from one to the other with every trip, and ran on a timetable. As a consequence we could reduce the amount of trains on the mainline, but maintain a high and smooth cargo delivery rate. During the start of the game there was confusion regarding station design. All stations were meant to be terminus, but that was not clearly signed, creating lot of confusion when several stations needed to rebuilt to conform to the plan. The problems were eventually solved, and the network ended running very smooth.
Showing a BBH that caused a lot of problems. In the upper right you can see one of the refit areas where empty food trains were refitted to pick up goods.
Download: Public Server Game 95 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 94
Game Date: 11.05.08 - 17.05.08
Usual suspects: Satyap, mixrin, Combuster, ninjamask, Rob, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: TL20 for ML trains, various for feeders
Mapsize: 1024*1024 Temperate
Version used: r13032 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: In this game we had small feeders feeding the huge 20-Tile Mainline Trains. A misunderstanding in the beginning of the game, along with the unspecified engine to be used for the ML trains, lead to the ML being designed for a curve length of 4, and unable to handle the fastest engines. (The fastest engine would have taken about 8 engines to handle TL20, anyway, if not more.) The challenge of designing the stations for TL 20 was very difficult. Surges in traffic could easily overlaod the waiting space and block the ML.
Showing one of the feeders.
Download: Public Server Game 94 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 93
Game Date: 30.04.08 - 11.05.08
Usual suspects: Mark, mixrin, Addi, satyap, Rob, tneo, ninjamask, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: Chaos + Cargo + Pax
Trainlength: Various (TL8 for inter-island transfer)
Mapsize: 256*2048 Temperate
Version used: r13016 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: A game making use of a new concept in which players got their own piece of map to manage locally. Later on the areas were connected with a Mainline network.
Venice of the South-West: well-serviced town with a station squeezed into available space
Download: Public Server Game 93 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 92
Game Date: 27.04.08 - 30.04.08
Usual suspects: Addi, Ammler, XeryusTC, Combuster, Skasi, boes, ninjamask, Ehtirno, Altaree, Rob (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: 3
Mapsize: 256*1024 Arctic (alpine)
Version used: r12906 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: The next three tiles train with a big LLL RRR ring around the whole map and a LL RR line in the middle. There were never bottlenecks anywhere on the whole network since the beginning. Therefore would the network handle more trains, but the maximum of 1000 trains has been reached.
One of the two BBHs in the game
Download: Public Server Game 92 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 91
Game Date: 23.04.08 - 27.04.08
Usual suspects: pm, Ammler, Mark, SmatZ, Combuster, XeryusTC, Rob, Altaree (extend)
Gametype: Cargo
Trainlength: 3
Mapsize: 512*512 sub-tropic
Version used: r12805 + #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.0
Remarks: It was a massive game with a number of new players and in the end over 950 trains. The backbone consisted of two ML rings, one for empty, one for full trains. It proved fluent up to about 750 trains, after that jams started to show. - Review at blog
Combined factory and refinery station, serving over 750 trains, 550 of them delivering stuff.
Download: Public Server Game 91 Final / Direct Link to this entry
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