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About me

Hello. Welcome to my little user page. My name is Rob. I use the nick Veritek on IRC, but just use Rob in-game and here on the wiki.

I have only been playing OpenTTD for a couple months, but I was a huge Railroad Tycoon fan. OpenTTD is an amazing game. Creating vast and complex train networks is inherently fascinating to me, and I throughly enjoy the large and intricate network created by #openttdcoop. Cooperative gaming is my favorite style of game play. I also enjoyed the shared track style being tested for wwottdgd2.

Part of the game I also like is adding eyecandy to stations, and making things look more functional. Some of the stuff I have done can be seen in the screenshots for Public Server games 94, 93, 89, and 87.

Interesting Quotes

  • Public Game #87:
[13:31] <publicserver> Rob:This network is a tribute to the craftiness of train engineers:
[13:31] <publicserver> Rob: No matter how hard we try to stop them, they manage to find a way to get where they need to go!
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