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Public Server Game 120
Game Date: 07.12.08-12.12.08
Usual suspects: tneo, Mark, ODM, Bennythen00b, thomashauk, elske, starlite, planetmaker, Giles (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 3
Mapsize: 256x512 Temperate
Version used: r14660 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: The plan chosen was planned by our first female cooper, on this small map and was based on an LL_RR Mainline, which soon couldn't handle all the traffic and was converted to maglev and upgraded to LLLL_RRRR, running 600 trains smoothly.
Wood pickup and drop station screen shot
Download: Public Server Game 120 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 119
Game Date: 23.11.08-07.12.08
Usual suspects: tneo, Mark, Thijs, Misza, Chris booth, andyp (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 5
Mapsize: 1024x512 Sub-Arctic
Version used: r14607 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: A plan with several one-way circles was choosen. All back bone hubs were three-way, splitting traffic in two directions. The game ended with over a 1000 trains and a staggering 500+ road vehicles without jams.
The town drop
Download: Public Server Game 119 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 118
Game Date: 10.11.08-23.11.08
Usual suspects: Addi, Chris booth, thomashauk, Combuster (extend)
Gametype: ICE + Sbahn
Trainlength: 7
Mapsize: 1024x512 Temperate
Version used: r14573 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: The map used in this plan was a custom scenario based around rebuilding the metro network for a large city which was destroyed during the Second World War. In this game we used a lot of selfregulating S-Bahns.
Showing Tarningwell Ridge's brand new selfregulating S-Bahn, which it got after the old metro was destroyed during WWII
Download: Public Server Game 118 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 117
Game Date: 21.10.08-10.11.08
Usual suspects: Kommer, andyp, SmatZ, Progman, Kirov, tneo, Chris booth (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 7
Mapsize: 512x512 Temperate
Version used: r14565 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This game started with a revolutionary plan by Dihedral. Later on in the game there was too much cargo to transport and it was too hard to add 2 or 3 lanes to all loops so we finished the game when we had 1000 trains.

Note: This patch was capured by the timelapse patch.

Download: Public Server Game 117 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 116
Game Date: 10.10.08-21.10.08
Usual suspects: Rob, andyp, tneo, Chris booth, StarLite, Bennythen00b (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 7
Mapsize: 1024x256 Temperate
Version used: r14469 #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: A game with a lot of water and a lot of separate islands using Pikka's Basic Industries (PBI). This game was plagued by the low production level of the industries, and the fact that the mines and wells kept closing. (This is a "feature" of PBI where mines and wells have a fixed amount of materials to produce, then "dry up".) The network that never really got busy, even at the end. This would have worked better with a shorter TL to generate more traffic, as well as smooth out the economy.
The big sawmill pickup, which unfortunately wasn't very busy
Download: Public Server Game 116 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 115
Game Date: 19.09.08-10.10.08
Usual suspects: Chris booth, Avdg, Addi, Kirov, Levi (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 2
Mapsize: 512x512 Temperate
Version used: r14412+ #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This was a TL2 game that was played for 20 days. In the end it ended up with more that 1500 trains and a 6 line CML, it has 4BBH's and intermediate SLHs at regual pacing. The game ended at about 85% completions, as we had a few minor jams left and not all industies were connected.
3 Way BBH 4 lanes west to north lanes lanes join from east
Download: Public Server Game 115 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 114
Game Date: 14.09.08-19.09.08
Usual suspects: Chris booth, planetmaker, Rob, Kirov, andyp, tneo (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 7
Mapsize: 256 x 256 Temperate
Version used: r14316+ #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This game was over planed for. The planing stage took to long, and a plan the would have been suited for a map of 1024^2 rather than this small map emerged to win. the plan had a 5 way central hub, this was the only BBH. With train that had a max speed of 50MPH / 80Km/h and only 100 train the network didnt have any traffic problems.
5 way BBH 01
Download: Public Server Game 114 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 113
Game Date: 08.09.08-14.09.08
Usual suspects: Chris booth, planetmaker, kais58, Rob (extend)
Gametype: Cargo Concept
Trainlength: 5 / 7
Mapsize: 256 x 2048 Temperate
Version used: r14268+ #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This map featured much water and a plan which had a long ML where short ML branched to the secondary industries in regular intervals. The result was finally a quite efficient network with many bridges which supported more than 900 trains.
bottleneck BBH 02
Download: Public Server Game 113 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 112
Game Date:  ?.08.08-08.09.08
Usual suspects: Chris booth, kais58, Rob, Thraxian, Kirov, andyp (extend)
Gametype: Cargo (inner-city pax)
Trainlength: 5 / 7
Mapsize: 512 x 512 Subtropical
Version used: r14215+ #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This plan had a large cargo network delivering everything to a single large town drop. The goal of the plan was to grow the city to a population of 500,000. The coastal location of the city required heavy terraforming to achieve the goal.
BBH 05 was one the most congested part of the network until it was rebuilt
Download: Public Server Game 112 Final / Direct Link to this entry

Public Server Game 111
Game Date: 27.08.08-?.08.08
Usual suspects: Rob, Osai (extend)
Gametype: Road Vehicles Only
Trainlength: 1 :)
Mapsize:  ?x? Arctic (alpine)
Version used: r?+ #openttdcoop-GRF-Pack 7.2
Remarks: This was a road vehicle-only game. We had over 1,300 road vehicles by the time the game ended. Several different station designs were used to see which type provided the best performance.
Download: Public Server Game 111 Final / Direct Link to this entry
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