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by XeryusTC


Advanced joiners are joiners that are more complex then the regular joiners used. The regular joiners are 2 to 1, 3 to 2 or 4 to 2, those are commonly used in our games. The advanced joiners on the other hand aren't regulary used, it is even possible that they are designed for a specific situation. The advanced joiners can also be based on the regular joiners but have additions or the regular joiners are just a small part of the entire joiner.

The joiners

5 to 4 way joiner, completely choosable A.K.A. Hugeass joiner

by XeryusTC

The joiner concept
The current implementation in the network

It was originally meant as a joiner right after a BackBone Hub and infront of a principle station, this makes it use quite limited, except from using it at a SideLine Hub in one-way networks. You can see the use of bouncers (the "BOUNCE" sign), this is because trains from the line the bouncers are in wanted to take the route with the bouncers, but that caused a high load on the western lanes and it jammed from time to time.


  • Trains can get from everywhere to everywhere.
  • Can be devided into multiple parts so it can be addapted to the landscape easier.
  • Trains can come from a few different directions.


  • Merge before split.
  • Very big.
  • It can only be used in big mainlines or for a principle station which has a drop and a pickup station.
  • It is designed to be used in only a specific game, but it can be adapted to other games.

Progress on joiners

R&D Overview
Idea Player Draft of idea Testing Completed Remarks
Hugeass joiner XeryusTC Done Done Waiting for a better 4 to 2 way joiner
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