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Ok, here it is, based on my draft AmmlersRoundBased (this is still draft too, but without my name ;) See discussion page for talk about and post your own thoughts.


  1. Do only download if you really like to play now.
  2. Do respect our rules from this wiki.
  3. Downloading is allowed for everybody
  4. To reupload a save, you should be at least listed on our Userspage (editing rights are needed)
  5. Do ask on IRC, if there are others who like to join you on YOUR server. (Dunno, if its possible, but should be tried.)
  6. Immediately, upload if you have finished a part, at least about every 5 years.
  7. Add comments to your upload, like

- when started/finished - whats done - what should be done next - any problems - etc.


  1. File:RBC001.sav (Based on PS Game 9) Year: 2102 Status: free
  2. File:RBC002.sav (Based on PS Game 49) Year: 2330 Status: free (last played Phazorx 18-07-2007)
  3. File:RBC003.sav (Based on PS Game 65) Year: 2321 Status: free (last played Phazorx 05-10-2007)


  • free: nobody is playing it atm, you could download and play (run it as MP with your own PW, you can share it over IRC then)
  • <username>: save is downloaded from <username>, please ask on IRC for joining his server, if possible.

My idea now is, to begin a game on SB i.e. with size 1024x1024 which can be continued on private clients/server...

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