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Avignon is an ground-up re-write of ap+ with an emphasis on being modular.

It is available from CodeCubes.


Checkout via

svn co

Once you have a checkout, configuration of Avignon is handled by making a copy of config/default.ini to config/user.ini


important settings are

  • auto.connect = no

set this to yes, to avoid having to make it connect everytime (you may want to leave this on 'no' till you have everything set)

  • network.pass =
  • network.port = 6667
  • nick = NICKNAME
  • nick.alternatives = NICKNAME2 NICKNAME3
  • channels = #CHANNEL #CHANNEL2
  • channels.key.#CHANNEL = PASSWORD
  • nickserv = NICKSERV IDENTIFY {password}

These should be straightforward enough

  • command.char = !

trigger character for the bot on IRC


  • load = Alias DemoPlugin

Sets the plugins loaded on startup

  • prefer.irc.COMMAND = PLUGIN

if there are multiple versions of a command this sets the default plugin used.
i.e. 'version' is in both Avignon and OpenTTD

Starting a Server OpenTTD

The OpenTTD app is subject to rapid change, see readme.txt for lastest info

The following was correct at time of writing (07 March 2010).

To load issue load OpenTTD if not alread loaded by default. (see [plugins])

The OpenTTD app, looks for an openttd install in ./openttd relative to avignon.tcl openttd start will start the OpenTTD server. openttd load [savegame_here.sav] will load a game. There is no need to give the save/savegame.sav path, as the app assumes saves are in save.
!Though currently, loading anything other than game.sav sends a bad command and may fail to load

OpenTTD's app has a few settings, the default will normally suffice, but can be overridden by adding a new section to the user.ini


Th defaults should be fine, but you may like to tweak;

  • irc.bridge = <#irc_channel>

This is probably the one you want to attck first, the #channel should already be joined by setting it in the [irc] section.

  • password.randomize = <yes>|<no>

Do you want to enable password randomzing (default: no)

  • password.file = <path/to/file>

The file storing passwords; one word per line (default: ./extensions/apps/OpenTTD/words6)

  • password.frequency = <int>

Frequency of password change in seconds (default: 300)

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