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by Mucht

It has shown that many SBahn trains of the inner SBahn-ring are far beyond their capacities.

Think about a ring consisting of 4 stations: the ICE station where passengers are transfered to and three stations where passengers are picked up. The current SBahn serves the stations in one direction. Several problems show up:

  • the last station before the ICE station is weakly served because most trains going there are already fully loaded.
  • with a huge amount of waiting passenger the station-time of a train increases dramatically (and the track usage is comparatively low). Therefore, many trains have to wait on the track and can't enter a station.


  • Kaze came up with the idea to enhance the Sbahns into two directions: one clockwise, another one counterclockwise.
  • Mucht suggest to enhance the inner Sbahn to 4-tile trains. Also, the stations should have 4 platforms - 2 for each direction.
R&D Overview
Idea Player Draft of idea Testing Completed Remarks
Different S-Bahn Ideas Mucht Done Building started In progress
Observing the capabilities Mucht Done in Member Zone Game of August 06 Done High capacity confirmed Documentation coming
The Underground Style Osai still researching Building started
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