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Version 5 (2007-06-23)

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Set static License/Author
Long vehicles v4 4LVw.grf def/ George, Greyfur, Wile E. Coyote, DanMacK
City Stations ae_cityw.GRF def/ Aegir, Singaporekid, Purno
Rural Stations ae_ruraw.GRF def/ Aegir, Astath, Arte Pro34, Cornelius, DanMacK
Surburban Stations ae_subuw.GRF def/ Aegir, Arte Pro34, Cornelius
Basic Platforms Set basic_platformsw.grf def/ GPL / Aegir, Cornelius
Brick Freight Stations brickfreightw.GRF def/ Aegir, Born Acorn
Genereric bufferstops v0.1 buffers.grf def/ CCPL / Born Acorn, peter1138
Canadian Trainset v0.2g cansetw.grf tracktypecostdiff ca.gif ca/ Dan MacKellar, uzurpator, mnorman and NS37, lifeblood, OzTransLtd., Cornelius
Canadian Stations Set v0.3a canstnw.grf ca.gif ca/ lifeblood, Oz, OzTransLtd.
Cantilever Bridge Renewal cantilever11static_260.grf static/ yes Thgergo
CSDSet v1.5.beta csdseto.grf cz.gif cs/
DB Set v0.82 XL dbsetxlw.grf de.gif de/ Michael Blunck
New Depots 2.1 dep2.1w.GRF static/ yes Gavin Dowland
Dutch Catenary dutchcatw.grf nl.gif nl/ yes Purno
German Tram Set V0.4.2 gertramsw.grf de.gif de/ Roland Kahlert, Bernhard Stock, Pierre Demhold, Michael Blunck
Container freight station and harbor harbourw_456.grf def/ Oracle
Hiroshima Trams hirotram_w_987.grf jp.gif jp/ ToniBabelony, stevenh
Japan Set v1.0 japansetw.grf jp.gif jp/ GPL
Industrial Stations Set v0.98 jcindstaw.grf def/ GPL
Japan Set Buildings jpset_bldw.GRF jp.gif jp/ GPL / Sanchimaru, Zimmlock, Szappy, gl2, Aegir
Japan Set Landscape jpset_lndw.GRF jp.gif jp/ yes GPL / Szappy, Aegir
Japan Set Trees jpset_trew.grf jp.gif jp/ yes GPL / Sanchimaru, Szappy, Aegir
Japanese Stations v1.0 jpstatsw.grf jp.gif jp/ GPL / Death, Sanchimaru
LangNor.grf belongs to nsbsetw.grf no.gif no/
Modern Suburban Stations modernsuburbanw.GRF def/ GPL / Aegir, Arte Pro 34
New bridges v0.41 newbridgesW.GRF def/ Purno, Szappy, Prof. Frink, gl2
NewShips newshipsw.grf def/ Michael Blunck
NewStations v0.42 newstatsw.grf def/ Michael Blunck
Narrow Gauge rails ngrailsw.grf static/ yes Cornelius
Norwegian Trainset v0.4b nsbsetw.grf tracktypecostdiff no.gif no/ fire87, Born Acorn, DanMacK, Hovering Teacup, Kruz, OzTransLtd, Purno, Singaporekid, ThorRune, ThePerson
Aviators Aircraft (av8) v1.33 pb_av8w.grf def/ PikkaBird
HOVS UK Bus Set pb_hovs_bus.grf uk.gif uk/ PikkaBird
North American Renewal Set pb_nars.grf ca.gif na/ DanMacK, PikkaBird
UK Renewal Train Set v3.04 pb_ukrs.grf uk.gif uk/ PikkaBird, DanMacK
Brick Viaduct pb_viaduct.grf def/ PikkaBird
Planeset - The 459 Remix planesetw_459.grf def/ GPL
Platforms platformsw.GRF def/ Aegir, Cornelius
CS Railroad tracks v1.3 rail-cs-ottd.grf cz.gif cs/ yes
Serbian standard gauge rail set srssgw.grf sr.gif sr/ GPL / Wile E. Coyote, Purno, Singaporekid, Colonel32, Sanchimaru, Lakie, DaleStan, Patchman, George, Death, PikkaBird, lifeblood, Siema, Marek, damir661, Michael Blunck
Serbian road vehicles. Trams set srvtbw_697.grf sr.gif sr/ Wile E. Coyote, Purno, PikkaBird, DaleStan, Patchman, Prebral, Hydronymus, Bart, Nikola, Crotram
Serbian road vehicles. Trucks and buses srvttw.grf sr.gif sr/ Wile E. Coyote, George
Stolen Trees stolentreesw_162_108.grf static/ yes SAC, Aegir
T2M Bonus T2MarsBonusW.grf belongs to Toyland2Mars t2m/ George
Toyland to Mars convertion Toyland2MarsW.grf t2m/ George
Light-rail/Tramtracks tramtrkw.grf de.gif de/ yes Roland Kahlert, Pikkabird
Standard Gauge Tram Tracks tramtsgw.grf static/ yes Pikkabird
Tropic Refurbishment Set v0.2 troprsw.grf tropic/ uzurpator, PikkaBird, Death
Total Town Replacement Set v3.02a ttrs3w.GRF def/ Csaboka, George, the, Oz, Red*Star, Purno, Pikkabird and Zimmlock
UK Renewal Train Set Add-ons v3.04 ukrsap1w.grf uk.gif uk/ PikkaBird, DanMacK, Singaporekid
UK Waypoints Set v1.1 ukwaypointsw.grf def/ CCPL / Born Acorn, peter1138
US Train Set v0.86 ussetw.grf us.gif us/ GPL
US Stations Set v0.86 usstatsw.grf us.gif us/ GPL

Explanations: static: This GRF's won't usually be included on the server, but you can add it independed on your client. (See this page for further infos.)

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