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Those GRFs became obsolete while developing....

Name Filename Details Status License/Author permission to distribute permission for auto dl
ca.gif us.gif North American Renewal Set pb_nars.grf Pikka superseeded by NARS2. DanMacK (License) , PikkaBird (License) pm pm
Generic Road Vehicle Set v1.2 grvts.grf r365 (eGRVTS) Richard Wheeler (eGRVTSZephyris) pm pm
Container freight station and harbor harbourw_456.grf r109 (included in ISR 0.6.1) Oracle
Industrial Stations Set v0.98 jcindstaw.grf r109 (included in ISR 0.6.1) GPL
Platforms platformsw.GRF r52 Redundancy to Basic Platforms Aegir, Cornelius

To have a comfort downwards compatibility, we didn't remove them from pack at all. Just moved to folder z_obsolete.

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