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The Progman Back to Basic Concept

By Progman

The Progman Back to Basic Concept.

This is basically a B2B game, connecting all industries and transport them to the drop-station. The idea of this concept is that each cargo use it own network. So exclude passangers and mail you will have 8 seperate networks. The drop stations are placed in every corner and edge. The grain and livestock drops are not at the same edge, this would result in 2 parallel networks. Don't connect several industries with stationwalk, only if you can reach them with one placed 2x5 station.

Here are some datas for this Concept:

  • Each Cargo got it own Network
  • Trainlength: 5
  • Depend on the numbers of industries building 12-tracks-drop-station is a good idea.
  • Be careful with industries which produce a lot of cargo (~900), you will reach the train limit fast.
  • No station walk
  • No shared cargo on a station (even not for farms, however temting it is...)
  • The Depot should be at the entry of the drop-station
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