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City Networks
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The city networks are a very interesting part of our networking. That is not only because there are so many ways how to build one but also because you often want it to look nice. In general the purpose of a city network is to catch as many passengers as possible and transfer them to the local passenger terminal.

City Networks (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg140 thijs.png
Self-regulating "A very nice self-regulating design where trains use only the [transfer] order. Thijs Download PSG #140

Psg140 mark.png
Direct full load order "A very well extensible design working on the simple basis of full load orders which are affordable thanks to the 3 platform stations. Mark Download PSG #140

Psg157 mks.png
Direct full load order "A layout which lacks any curves as it is just a system of straight tunnels going towards the central transfer station. Allowing for a lot of buildings in the town. Mks Download PSG #157

Psg164 spike.png
Waypoint loop "Here trains first enter the row waypoint, then try to go to the exit of the row. While all of the ways how to get out are through one of the stations.Then drop the cargo and go to another row. Spike Download PSG #164

Psg174 sunningpool.png
Direct conditional order "A loop of stations where after visiting each station trains decide where to go. Unfortunately rail footprint dominates over buildings. V453000 Download PSG #174

Psg174 serial.png
Serial Transfer "Series of stations which transfer to the next station in the line, growing on TL(capacity) and eventually reaching the ICE. V453000 Download PSG #174

Psg200 srnw.png
Self-regulating "Sbahn where trains have only the transfer order. The interesting addition here are the wooden bridges to make trains slow down in order to reduce the rate at which they visit individual stations. Resulting in more stations in the loop being used. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg201 drondwood.png
Direct full load order with walk "A rather normal Sbahn with just the direct full load order. Enchanced/cheated by walking the sets of stations together to provide 1 station of 3 platforms instead of 3 stations of 1 platform to have a train always loading. V453000 Download PSG #201

Psg201 beeryork.png
Conditional loop with waypoints "A system based on trains going in a loop of N rows. Each row is ended with a waypoint where trains decide whether to continue towards the next row or to drop the cargo and then continue to the next row. This way all trains in the loop can share their orders. V453000 Download PSG #201

Psg207 xeryustc.png
Conditional Orders "Sbahn based on trains going around stations until full. XeryusTC Download PSG #207

Psg207 V.png
Layered city network "This city network is based on having firstly the rail trains which transfer to the transrapid. And the transrapid finally transfers to the ICE. This is done to use the huge difference between transrapids and normal rail trains in capacity. V453000 Download PSG #207

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