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The Idea

OSQC is the #openttdcoop Scenario Quest/Competition. The main idea is to solve the quests of a given scenario and to play it. Finding a creative and good solution is another key point, because after one month we are going to nominate a winner of the monthly #osqc. The Winner will be announced and the savegame archived in a Hall of Fame. The competitive factor encourages the players to show their best skills and think about the game. #openttdcoop is not only ‘building and playing together’, it is also high quality gaming at the bleeding edge of features and possibilities in OpenTTD.

Criteria for osqc

Rating range is from 10 (best) till 1 (worst)

  • building skill (junctions, constructions, LB, stations, depots, network flow etc.)
  • organisation (network layout, usage of different vehicle types, transporting)
  • economy (transported cargo, income, number of trains/rvs/planes/ships, TL)
  • tasks (how are the tasks of the quests solved)
  • look&feel (low terraforming, eyecandy, beautiful constructions)
  • personal opinion of the judge
  • bad builder (usage of station walk, massive terraforming, low station ratings, train jams)


  • building skill = rating * 1,5
  • organisation = rating * 1,0
  • economy = rating * 1,0
  • tasks = rating * 1,75
  • look&feel = rating * 1,25
  • personal opinion = rating * 0,5
  • bad builder = (-10 + rating) * 0,75

Final Calculation

[total sum of ratings by all judges] / [number of judges] = FINAL RATING


# Name Date Sign Up
1 "The Bottleneck" 01-01-2008 - 31-01-2008 Closed
2 "The Pyramid" 27-07-2010 - 31-08-2010 Closed
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