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The #openttdcoop Wiki public sandbox

This is the public sandbox for The #openttdcoop Wiki. This space is used to test out wiki code and wiki page layouts.
This page is NOT for the Sandbox server, which is used to test out road and rail layouts. If you wish to practice your transportation network building styles, please use the Public Server.

Please be aware that absolutely anyone can overwrite your changes and the sandbox may be blanked from time to time, so don't put anything too important here!

When using this sandbox please follow these simple rules:

  • Please do not revert each other.
  • Please leave this notice and the comments at the beginning of this page intact.
  • Please keep things small enough not to be a hassle to testers.
  • This page must not be moved.
  • Do not add categories to this page, this includes categories added by templates like deletion templates etc..
  • For tests of simple things, you may not even need to modify this page - just try using "Show preview" first.
  • Please clear out the sandbox after you are done your testing so it is empty for other people who may wish to use it for testing.

Happy testing!

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