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A Sandbox Scenario is a simple scenario that provides lots of money and empty space where you can experiment with building a transportation network. An empty scenario with a single town (population 0) and no additional GRFs selected is about 10k in size.

How to create your own Sandbox Scenario

  1. Start OpenTTD
  2. Configure the NewGRF Settings you want your sandbox to use. Specifically, you'll want to select the train set you wish to use for your testing.
  3. Click the Scenario Editor button
  4. Click the Landscape Generation button and then select Create New Scenario
  5. Determine the landscape, size, starting date, and height of the land to your preferred values. Typically, you'll want at least 128x128, starting late game (for more train availability), and use a height of 1.
  6. Click the Flat Land button to generate a totally flat landscape
  7. Click the Town Generation button
  8. Click New Town, and place a town anywhere on the map (a town is required to load a scenario)
  9. Use the dynamite tool (on the Landscape Generation toolbar) to destroy the entire town.
  10. (Optional) Rename the town. "Sandbox" is a good name for it.
  11. (Optional) Place a sign to remind you how to do the money cheat (see below)
  12. Save the scenario with a meaningful name (again, "Sandbox" is a good choice. If you have multiple sandboxes for different train sets, you might also include the trainset name)

How to run your own local Sandbox

  1. Start OpenTTD
  2. Click the Play Scenario button and select the Sandbox scenario you created earlier
  3. Once the game loads, access the cheat menu through Ctrl-Alt-C (or Ctrl-Alt-Win-C)
  4. Click the right arrow next to the first option to receive 20M in cash
  5. Experiment to your heart's content.
  6. Since the scenario file is not edited when you save a game, you always have a clean slate to start on (just remember to use the money cheat on later games)

Pre-made empty Sandbox Scenario

If you just want an empty sandbox scenario using the default GRFs, you can download one here

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