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Coopserver is the new irc-bridge-bot running on soap. Soap is a plugin for Supybot, and connects to OpenTTD servers using libottdadmin2 via the built-in adminport. If OFS is set up for the server, it can also start/update etc the server.


Member-only commands:

  • !apconnect: connects to the preconfigured openttd server
  • !apdisconnect: disconnects from same
  • !pause: manually pauses the game
  • !unpause: manually unpauses the game (sets min_active_clients to 0)
  • !auto: turns on autopause, and re-sets min_active_clients to the configured amount
  • !rcon: sends an rcon command to the server
  • !players: lists the clients connected to the server
  • !content: updates the downloaded content from bananas
  • !contentupdate: performs 'content update'. use this before using the 'content' command
  • !rescan: rescans the content_download directory for new files. (May cause users to get disconnected)
  • !save: saves the game to game.sav
  • !shutdown: saves the game to autosavesoap.sav and shuts down the server
  • !getsave: download savegame from url
  • !start: starts OpenTTD dedicated server
  • !transfer: transfers savegame to a web-accessible directory (usage: !transfer number savegame)
  • !update: updates the OpenTTD server and (re)starts it

Publicly available commands:

  • !playercount: Shows how many people are playing
  • !companies: lists companies
  • !date: returns the ingame date
  • !ding: should be ping, but that command was taken. Dings the server
  • !info: Shows some basic info about the server
  • !ip: Replies with the address needed to join the server as a player
  • !password: shows the current password needed to join the server
  • !revision: shows current revision of the OpenTTD server
  • !vehicles: shows total counts for every vehicle type in the game

These commands can also be called with channel or serverID as parameter. This can be handy when you want to command a server from a different channel or from private message.

Ingame commands:

  • !admin: sends a message to irc requesting admins look at the server
  • !name <newname>: will change the ingame nick of the caller
  • !rules: replies with an url pointing to the rules for playing

Important changes from autopilot

  • Coopserver runs independent from any OpenTTD servers. The server can be down even if the bot is up, and (rarely) vice versa. Any of the servers can be started with the !start command
  • Use !contentupdate before using !content. !content on its own won't do anything unless you did !contentupdate first. You may still have to perform a !content multiple times to get all downloads.
  • !rescan will rescan everything without the need to restart the server. Bear in mind though, that this will stall the server for a short amount of time and people may get disconnected (as opposed to definitely with a !restart).
  • Coopserver will not automatically connect to a freshly started server as there is currently no reliable way to know when the admin port will start listening. After !start ing the server, wait a bit and then try !apconnect until it connects. If it is suspected the server has not started correctly, it is safe to perform another !start. Doing so will check if the server is running, and not start another instance if it is.
  • Genkey, key-url's and !gamenumber are not implemented at this time
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