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There exists another project along with OTTD, this project does like the name says patch the original TTD from Chris Sawyer. Thanks to TTDPatch, we have so many nice NewGRFs.

That's the reason, I'm making this page.


In the same manner, as we did it with OpenTTD, I'll explain installing of TTDPatch with nightly builds. (latest tested Revision: r2321)


Requirements: wine (please add, if you have to install something else)

  1. Install a original TTD (Windows) somewhere on your system
  2. download RegisteryEditor to same directory and run it
  3. download and extract latest nightly (w32) to the same directory
  4. You need a current default GRFSet (ttdpbasew.grf, comparable to openttd.grf), download it to newgrf/.
  5. Now, you should be able to run TTDPatch with default settings and no additional newgrfs.


The installing should be almost the same. (except wine, of course)




The "good old" Configurator TTDXC seems a little bit overloaded and complicated, so I recommend to use TTDPC.

TTDPatch requires a very carefully reading of the documents. You have to understand which switch should be turned on and which off. This software supports you with comments to possible switches and its possible values. Anyway it only helps you editing the ttdpatch.cfg, you could do it with your favorite editor manually too.


It doesn't make much sense to play without newgrfs, so here is a starting help:

  • You can use our GRF Pack here too.
  • Because the patch provides you with some cool stuff like enhanced tunnels, rivers etc., there are some additional GRF, ask me or use [ GRFCrawler].

You have to include the file called newgrfw.cfg with relative paths to all newgrfs. There is also a switch in ttdpatch.cfg `newgrfcfg' (-Xn) to define other files, so you can use different newgrf lists.

Game Start

Start the game with wine ttdpatchw.exe -y


It depends how well the patch works for MP mode, so we can also play a game together, sometimes?

Saves / Screens

Screens of my personally most missing features from TTDPatch in OTTD.





Finally I like to collect some savegames which show some of the cool stuff from the patch:

no saves yet, until then a nice Demo:

(Feel free to add your own, but don't be worry, if we delete it sometimes....)

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