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#openttdcoop Quickgames Server - Sketch

We might call it the #openttdcoop Quickgames Server. The name says what I have in mind.

  • Server with a maximum of 2-3 companies. This means, the players can join a company/a plan or try an own idea in a new company. To keep it coop-ish, only 2-3 companies are allowed.
  • The Server starts when a first player joins.
  • Sticking to rules of #openttdcoop is _NOT_ necessary.
  • The game's shouldn't last too long. I'd say a period of 100 years (25 hours realtime) is great.
  • Each company can build up to 250 trains, 100 rvs, 50 planes and 25 ships (a total of 750, 300, 150, 75)
  • The Server automatically restarts and archives the game. We could allow longer games if they are requested.
  • Via a webinterface we could even allow the players to decide about the look-a-like of the next game.
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