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Post-game Discussion: [[ProZone:Archive/Game_{{{10}}}|Game {{{10}}} Analysis]]
Download: Pro Zone Server Game {{{10}}} Final/ Direct Link to this entry

1: Name of the game, i.e. ProZone Game 1, or ProZone Trasnport, Inc., etc. 2: Dates the game was played from and to 3: Names os players in the game 4: Type of game (cargo/Pax/ICE/etc.), include a link to the gametype page, if applicable 5: TL for the game, include all variations (TL5 primary, TL7 secondary, TL11 Pax, etc.) 6: Size of the map, including the climate 7: Version of OpenTTD used to play the game 8: The NewGRF pack used in the game (7.1, 7.2, etc.) 9: A brief description of the type of game, major goal, major obstacles, etc. 10: The game number 11: A link to the screencap for the game 12: A description of the scene shown in the screencap

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