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This template is used to provide game information for archive listings. Adding the template to a page does not affect the page display in any way.


| Server =
| Number =
| Version =
| StartDate =
| StopDate =
| Gametype =
| Landscape =
| TrainLength =
| TrainType =
| TrainSet =
| SaveFile =
| Screenshot =

  • Use the table below to assign appropriate values for all parameters of the template.
  • The rest of the archive page can include commentary, game description, etc. for the game. Format consistency is helpful but not required.


Please use only the following values to ensure consistent sorting of results:

Property Definition Value
Server Which server the game was played on Public (for Public Server games)
ProZone (for ProZone Server games)
Member (for Member Server games)
Number The game number used for sequencing 0001-9999 (for making it text-sortable, otherwise 1 < 11 < 2)
Version The OpenTTD nightly build in use r00001-r99999(nightly)
0.7.1 (stable)
0.7.1-RC1 (release candidate)
StartDate The real date (not game date) the game was started yyyy-mm-dd (text-sortable)
StopDate The real date (not game date) the game was stopped yyyy-mm-dd (text-sortable)
GameType The primary type of items transported Cargo (cargo-only games)
Pax (pax-only games)
Cargo+Pax (both cargo and pax)
ECS (Using ECS vectors)
Landscape The type of map used Temperate
TrainLength The primary train length in use 01-99 (text-sortable)
Various (for mixed-length networks)
TrainType The primary type of rail used RV (for road vehicle-only games)
Rail (normal rail)
Mixed (for mixed-track networks)
TrainSet The trainset GRF in use Just use the name without version info
SaveFile A link to the final save file for the game http://www. .... .sav
Screenshot A link to the screenshot image file for the game http://www. .... .png

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