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Trains are a sensible part of OTTD. On this page, we just intend to make some short statements that help you building them for large networks like #openttdcoop's.

  • Use shared orders orders (CTRL+click on an existing train with the same order) for trains that load in the same station! This is probably the most important thing you have to care about and saves tons of work.
  • Before we start the work on a map, we mostly agree to a unified, certain train length. Read the network plan.
  • You will often see a sign on the map called train yard. These are small areas with all the train types to be used in the game already pre-created and sorted into the right train group. All you need to do is to copy one of those trains (just copy, no CTRL-click for shared orders, since thse trains in the depot don't have orders!) and give them your orders. If you find a train yard in the game, do not create your own new trains, always copy trains from the train yard.

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