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The Idea behind unbalancers is, that you want to keep the traffic on 1 lane while the second lane is as empty as possible. The principle is called SML.

Simple Unbalancer

To move trains onto one single lane, a track between them is made. To prevent trains switching tracks while a train is close to the switch, priority is added. To force the switching, a penalty is added to the track that has to be empty.

Trains will try to avoid the station and switch to the other track, if no other train is there.

Unbalancer with Bypass

If a switching train is jammed and is blocking the upper track, a bypass is made. The bypass ensures the continuous flows of trains on the upper track. The bypass also needs a penalty station, else trains will use the bypass and not switch to the lower track.

If a train stops in the branch, other trains can pass by using the bypass
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