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The United Kingdom Game is an unofficial #openttdcoop game hosted by Sionide

Using Jon Scaife's scenario of the UK, the aim of the game is to rebuild the United Kingdom rail network in as realistic a way as possible.

The United Kingdom © Jon Scaife
Server: cornflakes.imen.org.uk
Revision: r10166
Password: fishandchips

Using UKRS etc, all available using the #openttdcoop NewGrf package

The layout to follow can be found here.

(The map we're using for reference is © Barry S Doe)

borrowed from nationalrail.co.uk © Barry S Doe

The scenario doesn't include all the towns on the actual map - I did think about editing the map to include them but decided against it. Obviously, if you come across a town which isn't on the game, don't bother making that link...

It should also be noted that due to the scenario being angled the way it is, the standard N/S/W/E compass points used in #openttdcoop games don't make sense. Please use compass points with reference to the map.

Feel free to add a sign in your home town, "<username> lives here..." or some such - if you live in the UK or to add any signs at landmarks you feel you should be on there...

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