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Personal Information

Alias: planetmaker

Home: Braunschweig, Germany de.gif

Email: ottd[at]planetmaker[dot].de

Started playing TTD: don't know exactly, but it it was still in the nineties TTO

Joined #openttdcoop: autumn 2007, member since 25 April 2008 ("...change that patch setting yourself..." ;) )

Prefers: low to moderate terraform; fluent, well-designed networks and nice eye-candy

Dislikes: congestions. Permanent quick hacks and bypasses

Best at: don't know - probably ML mergers, SLHs and small fixes

Patches, GRFs & other coding work

Patches in trunk

  • (svn r19898) -Fix [FS#3853]: hg version detection fails for uncommited merges
  • (svn r19871) -Fix [FS#3826]: update the landscape buttons in the main menu / newgame window correctly
  • (svn r19627) -Fix [OSX]: mark the macports default include directory as a system include directory so our -W flags don't cause warnings on headers in there
  • (svn r19626) -Fix: mention libtimidity in ./configure --help
  • (svn r19133) -Fix [FS#3621]: [Mac OS X] --enable-desync-debug failed compiling
  • (svn r18409) -Change [FS#3349]: Recolour the bubble generator just like any other industry.
  • (svn r17768) -Fix (r17715): [OSX] Newer GCC versions don't like jumping over variable definitions with goto's.
  • (svn r17704) -Codechange: [OSX] Improve detection of OS X version.
  • (svn r17448) -Change [FS#2997]: buy vehicles instead of building them; makes it consistent with selling (based on patch by planetmaker).
  • (svn r16979) -Codechange[FS#3066]: Add notion of Ctrl_Click in the tooltip for Loan borrow/repay buttons (planetmaker)
  • (svn r16555) -Feature [FS#570]: ability to enter server and company password via command line when joining a server (based on patch by Progman, Ammler and planetmaker)
  • (svn r16462) -Change [FS#2930]: use a safer way to detect the hash of a mercurial repository
  • (svn r15212) -Feature [FS#2566]: Change the dropdown box where you can chose which edges will be water to 4 pushbuttons (based on patch by planetmaker).
  • (svn r14902) -Feature: Advanced setting to keep various building tools active, which are usually closed after placing an object. - (together with Sulai)
  • (svn r14805) -Feature [FS#2238]: pressing CTRL while dragging to build a bridge build the last built bridge type if possible (planetmaker)
  • (svn r14152) -Fix (r14146): Apple decided to use a name I wanted to use... thus making compilation fail on OSX
  • (svn r13501) -Feature(tte): ctrl+click on sign you own to remove it (Osai, planetmaker) - rewritten; original idea and patch by Osai
  • (svn r13481) -Codechange: add 'B' keyboard shortcut to build aqueduct (planetmaker) - most voluminous patch ever probably (13 characters overall length: 8 'normal' chars, 3 tabs, 1 space, 1 line feed): SmatZ' commit message probably took five times as long to write.

Personal wishlist & collection of ideas

  • Possibility to restart / renew a map without keeping newgrfs (using the current newgrf settings), but reusing exactly the same height profile and town placement and approx. their size. Also keep the unmovable objects and - as bonus as not necessarily possible - the industry placement.
  • GUI for rcon
  • diagonal terraform
  • infrastructure sharing
  • programmable waypoints or signals
  • airbrush like tree placement in the scenario editor
  • percentage of tree coverage for maps
  • variable station size for placement
  • disable stockpiling / placement restrictions
  • patchsetting for terraform-size on a per-company basis
  • rivers generated upon map creation (WIP)
  • more than one dock per station
  • give money per company and not per player
  • nested train groups:
    • coal trains
      • coal trains to A
        • coal trains from B
          • coal trains length 3
          • coal trains length 5
        • coal trains from C
          • coal trains length 3
          • coal trains length 5
    • PAX trains
      • ICE trains
        • ICE ABC
          • ICE A->B->C->A
            • length 4
            • length 8
          • ICE A->C->B->A
      • S-bahn trains

OpenTTD wishes listed here which came true

  • grf info for station tiles (trunk. Thx SmatZ)
  • improved quick goto (faster giving orders) [trunk since r14827 - thx Rubidium]
  • more clients [trunk since r14730 - thx Rubidium]

Random OpenTTD stories and poems

SmatZ works on a pool.
That is so very cool
having clients more and more,
features we adore.
It's just so very sweet -
let's hope he will succeed.
--planetmaker 12:01, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

Random Photos


Moon and Mercury at sunset, August 2008

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