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Born: 12-10-1982 (29y old atm)

Home: Belgium, province of Antwerp

Email: ask me

History; I started playing TTD in my young years: I own an copy of TTD deluxe since 1996 (or so) and played it quite frequently (offline) untill 2001. Found out about openttd & openttd-coop only several years later, between 2007-2008 (PSG080 or so?) and again beginning 2011 (PSG195-210).

Prefers: eyecandy, games with ships & train transfer stations, and simple concepts that inflate into spaghetti hubs during the game. Dislikes: making trains crash due to slowness from my side, forgetting hotkeys, and finding that one un-electrified track in a huge hub,

Credo (from Walt disney, but different order): DDTD: Dream, Dare, Think, Do!

Greetings & see you online soon! Ryton

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