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To speed up the start of a new Public Server game by creating a map and plan in advance.

How this works


  • A scenario is created and published on the wiki. Some GRFs may or may not be added already.


  • Players download the scenario and open it locally to view the map layout.
  • Players develop a plan for the map, screenshot their plan, and upload it back to the wiki site.
  • Any desired GRF changes can be made by editing the scenario. These types of changes should be noted when the plan is uploaded (possibly by re-uploading the scenario with the new GRF configuration).


  • After a pre-determined length of time, planning stops and voting begins.
  • All players modify the wiki to cast their vote for the plan they like best.


  • After a pre-determined length of time, voting stops.
  • At the next available PS restart, the winning scenario is loaded, and the plan is copied onto the map.
  • Construction begins immediately, with a MM if necessary.
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