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Proposals for future games on Public Server

Please use the discussion page to ask questions or elaborate on the listed proposals.

  1. FHS This time a nice temperate map without Hiways: [[1]]
  2. FHS A nice detailed Arctic Map, 512x1024 in size. [[2]]
  3. NorthGermany Scenario:
    1. Thread-URL to scenario: http://www.tt-ms.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=3561
    2. it's available from BaNaNaS, map: 512x512 tiles temperate
    3. add DBSetXL, egrvs and station GRFs
    4. starting year ~1930 ... 1940
    5. use the real ICE route network as building plan
    6. Primary goal: B2B style PAX network where small cities are s-bahn to major cities
    7. Secondary: goods delivered to major cities; no special network for that; use creative orders, e.g. some sidings for goods trains
    8. Realistic network
  4. Chris Booth http://www.openttdcoop.org/wiki/Image:PSG-136_Start.sav a nice map i made go wild
  5. Phazorx proposal - Roles, Large Boats and Shared patch
  6. Very Plain Game
    1. Latest stable OpenTTD - currently 0.6.0
    2. NO grf's
    3. Rather small map
    4. Network plan - Gametype:Chaos_Theory
  7. One Cargo Game
    1. Very Large map
    2. Only one (two?) cargoes transported
  8. Immediate Chaos
    1. Increase initial cash amount
    2. No planning or voting stage - immediate building
    3. Goal: see what plan eventually develops to streamline network
  9. Head to Head
    1. Use a head-to-head patch (or other method) to generate a map with two identical sides
    2. Split into two teams
      1. Members vs non-members
      2. Top two plans, teams based on how votes were cast
    3. Two companies - one for each map half, no interfering with other side
    4. Goal: see which plan/team makes the best (efficient, eyecandy, profitable) network
  10. Rewind
    1. Normal coop game (MM, planning, voting)
    2. At end of voting:
      1. Copy winning plan (screenshot, copy/paste tool)
      2. Reset map to initial savestate (pre-MM)
      3. (Optional) Reset money to accumulated value during MM stage
      4. Paste the plan back on the map in a non-obtrusive location
    3. Develop the network from the start using the chosen plan
    4. Goal: Using the original map (w/o MM terraform, industry/town growth) to develop the plan
  11. Zero Terraform
    1. Normal coop game (MM, planning, voting)
    2. No terraforming allowed. Period. During MM, planning, or final building
    3. Use small train (2TT) to allow 2x45 turns, or larger trains for more challenge
    4. Bridges and tunneling allowed, terrain permitting
    5. No raising land out of water (for oil rigs or long bridges) - have to use the terrain
    6. (Optional) No station-walking. Use creative station layout to fit in the terrain
    7. Goal: Making the most from what you're given
  12. Flatland
    1. Normal coop game (MM, planning, voting)
    2. Special map used
      1. Completely Flat at 100m height (2 above sea level)
      2. Water at the edges, no lakes or rivers
      3. Randomized cities and industries
  13. Quick Game
    1. Small map (eg. 512x256)
    2. Cargo game
    3. Pre-planed ending condition
      1. Ending year, or
      2. Amount money gathered, or
      3. Every industry connected
    4. NO...
      1. ...town growth
      2. ...industry building
      3. ...
    5. No or only minimal MM (4 station max)
  14. Boost
    1. Goal is to boost the production of one secondary industry as high as possible
    2. Playable on:
      1. Temperate(Factory, Sawmill, Oil Refinery)
      2. Sub-Arctic(Food Processing Plant, Printing Works, Oil Refinery)
      3. Sub-Tropical(Factory, Food Processing Plant, Oil Refinery)
      4. Toyland(Toy Factory, Fizzy Drink Factory, Sweet Factory)
    3. Industries not in the materials tree should not be on the map
  15. Preservation
    1. Goal is to provide good (or better) service to all industries
    2. Playable on Sub-Tropical
    3. Special Consideration: trains only allowed in desert
      1. Trucks must be used in lush (green) areas
      2. Train stations cannot even be walked into green areas
      3. Towns located deep in green areas may require busses for pax/mail service
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