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This page shall contain a collection of prepared scenarios which are ready to be launched on the public server or the ProZone.

Canadian Scenario (As an example)

Copy&paste this for making a new entry. Uploading: just click on the link next to savegame after creation of the entry (choose a proper filename)

Author: planetmaker 20:40, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Description: build a decent network in the Canadian prairie

Map: 512 x 1024 tiles, hilly with little water

Climate: arctic

Suitable playing style: any, Cargo or PAX

important grfs:

  • CanSet (incl. its industries)
  • Canadian Townset
  • North American Road set
  • North American Town set
  • Total Bridge Replacement set
  • OpenGFX
  • newwater
  • new ships
  • egrvts
  • Aviators Aircrafts

Savegame: Media:Example.sav


Author: Hylkevd 22:55, 8 Januari 2009

Here's a senario I made:
Only some1 needs to upload it to this wiki, otherwise you have to use that annoying download site ;o

Description: Connect the city's

Map: 512 x 256 tiles

Climate: Temparate

Suitable playing style: PAX

Only Needs: Some cool grfx :D

GameMenu Scenario

Author: User:Zuu 21 January 2009

Description: A map like the game menu

Map: 512 x 521 tiles, hilly with little water

Climate: temperate

Suitable playing style: any, low terraform

important grfs: bigger_depots.03 Long vehicles v4 TotalBridgeRenewalSet UK Road set 1.1a Generic Tramset UK Renewal Train set v3.04 ISR 0.7.1(!)

so... maybe add the newest ISR and all station sets(?) /pm Contact me for scenario with revised grfs. It's in my inbox ;) /pm

Savegame: [1]

Estuary scenario

Author: ODM 19 May 2009

Description: A large city on an island in the middle of a rural industrious area.

Map: 512 x 512 tiles, smooth with bits of water.

Climate: temperate

Suitable playing style: Cargo

important grfs:

  • Total Town Replacement
  • 2CC trainset
  • AV8 planes.
  • grvts

Savegame: estuary

UK map (pax)

On the forums I found an UK map which is pretty nice. --Tneo 11:17, 22 May 2009 (UTC)


Author: ODM 30 June 2009

Description: A flat desert crossed by 3 oasis.

Map: 1024 x 512 tiles, smooth three water portions and a couple of mountainous areas.

Climate: Sub-Tropic

Suitable playing style: Cargo

important grfs:

  • Tropic refurbishment set.
  • North American road set.

Savegame: Oasis


Author: FHS 15 July 2009

Description: This time a nice temperate map without Hiways.

Climate: Temperate

Savegame: FHS3


Author: FHS 15 July 2009

Description: A nice detailed Arctic Map.

Map: 512x1024 tiles.

Climate: Sub-Arctic

Savegame: FHS1

North Germany

Description: A map depicting northern germany. Can be used to rebuild the ICE network. Found on BaNaNaS

Map: 512x512 tiles.

Climate: Temperate

File: on tt-ms forum.

Chris Booth1

Description: A nice map apparently.

Author: Chris Booth 15 July 2009

Savegame: CB1


Description: A very amusive map where your goal is to grow the city on the hill. Use one engine per train only.

Author: V453000 2010

Savegame: Savegame

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