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The Junctionary
JunctionaryAll.png View all Objects in the Junctionary
JunctionaryBBH.png Backbone Hubs
JunctionarySLHs.png Sideline Hubs
JunctionaryMergers.png Mergers
JunctionaryStations.png Stations
JunctionaryCityNetworks.png City Networks
JunctionaryLogicAndOther.png Logic and Other

How to Use the Junctionary

The Junctionary is a collection of important and clever constructions we have developed during our games.

Use the ToC at the right side, to navigate through the different sections.

How to Add a new Entry

To add a new Entry to the Junctionary you have to use Templates.

3 Steps

  • Upload the Image (make sure its png) via the Upload Page
  • Go to the relevant Section your entry fits in and edit it.
  • add the following Code:
|$additional info's, like savegame

-> Template:Junctionary creates a new row in the Table (Template:JunctionaryTableHeader)

As an example:

|Another BBH of thgergo, built some while ago. Notice the loadbalancing stuff all over the Hub. Only one comment left: ''' "Don't try this at home!" '''
|[http://openttdcoop.ppcis.org/blog/files/mainserver_archive/MainserverGame_04_Final.sav Download Savegame]}}
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